Uni-Forum Observations

A random collection of new uniform news including new alternate jerseys from the Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings.  I just had my birthday but had I known that someone is making Jordan Shoe cakes, I would have requested one of those.  Lastly, BYU and Utah went color on color in their matchup this week… no whites.











Jazz beat T-Wolves without D-Will

So the Jazz have been majorly struggling (Major Struggles *salute*) over the last couple of weeks loosing 6 games in a row for the first time in a long time and everyone is asking the question (cue best Pablo Fancisco impersionation) “Whats going on?”.  Well last night the Jazz suited up to take on the T-Wolves without “star” point guard Deron Williams.  Hey its 2010 and an NBA team was starting Earl Watson at point guard, that has to raise cause for concern but nope, the D-Will-less Jazz went out and beat the T-Wolves.

Now you could say, well it was just the T-Wolves and you’d probably be right but i think it runs deeper for that.  The Jazz have had a huge problem this year with starting slow.  I’m no David Locke so I can’t spit out the stats but lets just say they have been behind at the end of the first quarter the majority of the time this year.

Last night, no D-Will, the passes were clean, the offense was crisp and the Jazz led after one.

Maybe the problem with this team isn’t Sloan, or AK, or that Milsap isn’t good enough to start at the 4, or Memo getting back into shape, or maybe the problem with this team wasn’t even Boozer.  The problem with this team is that the starting 5 hasn’t been good enough.  Maybe the problem with this team is Williams himself?

Possible Ewing theory to keep an eye on although I doubt he will be out long enough to know.  Something to think about.

Lakers destroy the Jazz

Yes the “rivavly” between the Jazz and Lakers continued this week and so did the Jazz’s woes as the Lakers handed them their 6th straight loss in spectacular fashion.

As a Laker fan, I really hope we get to meet up with these Jazz again in the playoffs because right now they definitely don’t have their heads on straight.  Bill Simmons said it best when he tweeted that they have horrible body language.  Seems like things are going wrong for this team behind the scenes.  It actually bums me out a bit because at this rate, Jerry Sloan won’t be winning coach of the year and if anyone ever deserved it its him.  The award should practically be named after him.

Things could always be worse Jazz fans.  For example, if things get any worse you maybe D-Will will pull a Melo on you!