Welcome To The Club! | Atlanta Hawks

Ever since I was a young Dominique Wilkins fan, I have supported the Atlanta Hawks and when they brought back an updated Pac-Man logo last year, I was on board from the start.  They have now enhanced this logo with the “Basketball Club” ring of honor which is supposed to pay tribute to the entire Hawks family, fans, former players, etc.  They also introduced a new secondary logo which symbolizes the city of Atlanta rising from the ashes.  The wings look a bit cartoonish but as long as it is secondary, we’re still cool.

Atlanta Hawks new secondary logo 2015-16

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club moniker expands on the idea that we are more than just a team of 15 players. Our Basketball Club recognizes the contributions of the entire staff to our success. It respects and honors past players and coaches and their significance. Ultimately, the new Basketball Club designation reflects our commitment to building an emotional connection with our fans and maintaining an inclusive environment that welcomes all people. In the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club, “everyone matters” and all are welcome.The Hawks also unveiled a completely new secondary logo that pays tribute to the history of the city of Atlanta.

Source: Welcome To The Club! | Atlanta Hawks

Best Players by Number : Mitchell & Ness

Check out the full article on Mitchell & Ness below but being a sports fan and uniform geek, this is a great read.  They have selected a top player who wore a particular jersey number in the NBA, 1-100.  For example, 23 Michael Jordan, 33 Larry Bird, 76 Shawn Bradley… you get the idea.

There are 14 numbers that have never been worn in the NBA so if you want to make a list like this in the future, this might help you find the number for you.

NBA Best Players by Numbers

Source: Best Players by Number : Mitchell & Ness


The Return of the Hornet

I have always cheered for the Charlotte NBA franchise… both during the Hornets and the Bobcats eras.  Now that the Hornets are on the way back, it is time to think of the good ol’ days… LJ – Grandmama, Zo, Rex Chapman, and Kelly Tripucka.  Speaking of Kelly Tripucka, thanks to YouTube, we can revisit the moment back in 1988 when Kelly unveiled the Hornets uniforms for the first time.  Trust me… 15 sec in will blow your mind.


Pittsburgh Steelers Bumble Bee

Pittsburgh Bumblebees

Alright Showtime is out on vacation this week and seeing as how the masses love uni info I have to post a couple of tidbits that have come out in his absence.

Earlier this month when the internet exploded into a haze of Nike NFL jerseys the dust settled and we all realized that the only real changes would be to the Seattle “Neon Green Snot” Hawks.  Yes the flywire collars and logo gloves were cool and whether prodded by the league or not the players seem to enjoy the new materials and tight fit of the new Nike jerseys.  But all in all it was a bit of a let down (and exactly what I suspected).

However, lost in the shuffle was the news that the unveiling of alternate jerseys would be later released by each individual team.  The alternate jersey gives a bit of flexibility for uni-changes in a league that limits changes to once every 5 seasons and also gives teams a chance to get a bit crazy without betraying some of the time honored traditional branding.

The Pittsburgh Steelers decided to take full advantage of that fact and strike the first blow with this alternate…

Pittsburgh Steelers Bumble Bee


Back when I was 12 I was bored and decided to create my own basketball league.  I consider this period to be the beginnings of my uniform/logo/team identity obsessions.  Showtime got involved and we created unique teams and jerseys for over 30 major cities across the US.  From teams like the Oakland Stroke to the Philly Fever, each featured a unique color scheme and jersey identity.  Some featured design themes that were inspired from the past, current and what can only be described as the future.  One of those teams of my creation was the New Orleans Night.  I tell you this only because the New Orleans Night featured Gold jerseys (ala the Wizards alternate) that had yellow and black alternating stripes down the sides in a pattern similar to what the Steelers are using above.  I say this because I designed a similar motif that was equal parts awesome and awful…and I was 12…



Uni-Forum: Nike Hyper Elite USA Basketball


The new uniforms for USA Basketball were recently unveiled and I really like what I see so far.  They are made from the same materials that the NCAA Hyper Elite uniforms are made from so they are light and made from green materials.  I can’t put my finger on it but I’m also digging the USA logo on the chest.  I’d love to see a blue or red set accompany this white version.  Here is some more info on the new uniforms Via Alec Banks at HypeBeast:

Combining Nike’s lightest, most technologically advanced textiles with iconic graphics, the Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniform helps boost players’ performance and communicates the pride of USA Basketball. The innovation begins with Nike Aerographics, an engineered fabric that is a passive cooling solution allowing greater design and graphic flexibility while creating mesh areas in a garment without adding seams. It adds graphic interest to a garment that actually contributes to the performance by increasing air circulation. The Nike Hyper Elite Shorts to be worn by the USA Basketball team alone weigh in at 14 ounces lighter than the average shorts currently worn by professional players. The Hyper Elite Jersey, with its 3D-structured Dri-FIT fabric, helps pull sweat away from the skin and reduce cling while a functional flock screenprint on the inside of the collar provides further sweat management. The sleeveless v-neck silhouette, including hem vents and modified armholes, offers mobility while the slim fit reduces bulkiness and distraction. Finally, the debut of the Nike Hyperdunk, part of the landmark Lunarlon Collection. An innovative combination of advanced Nike Flywire technology and a basketball-specific Lunarlon cushioning system, this light, more supportive, durable and breathable shoe is expressly designed to meet the demands of elite basketball players worldwide. As modeled by Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Deron Williams and LeBron James, the United States basketball pride is in good hands.


Uni-forum – Where’s the Smoking Gun

Photo Courtesy of Uni-Watch.com

The MLB were planning on wearing a throwback Houston Colt 45s uniform this year to celebrate their 50th anniversary but the MLB requested the team remove the smoking handgun from below the letters.  Do you think the MLB is being too sensitive or is this the right move?  I for one am glad that young kids won’t be thinking about guns while wearing this throwback and playing Call of Duty.


Nike Basketball Goes Platinum

Nike announced this week that they have developed a new Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uniform for nine teams that will be worn during select games between now and March Madness.  The nine schools that were selected for this honor have all won National Championships wearing Nike footwear and apparel.  The teams include Arizona, Baylor (women), Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Syracuse, UConn (men and women), and last but not least, the University of North Carolina.

Aesthetics aside, the uniforms utilize the most recent innovations to spawn from the Nike labs.  These uniforms were designed “at the intersection of sustainability and performance”.  Even though the prominent color is platinum, these uniforms are also green.  The fabric of the shorts are made from 100 percent recycled polyester and the jersey fabric is made from 96% polyester.  These sets are also five percent lighter than the previous Nike Hyper Elite uniform.  I’m not sure if you have worn the previous set but there isn’t much too them and they are already incredibly light.  At some point I don’t think I mind a little weight.  I don’t want to be out on the court feeling like I’m wearing a plastic baggy around my loins.

As I mentioned before, the prominent color for all the schools will be platinum but each will feature the school’s colors as accent colors.  This has already started to cause a stir with some of the fans from each school but to them I say relax, it is only one game.  Although, UNC will be wearing their set on senior night.  I imagine some seniors dreamed of wearing Carolina blue on their final home game so I can understand that but as long as they win, everything will work out just fine.

The back of each jersey will sport a full Aerographics panel with a blown up version of their logo (i.e., a large interlocking NC logo for Carolina).  I thought that choice was a little weak but the best part is that the back will contain one star for each of the school’s national championships with the corresponding year.  Carolina is looking nice with 5 stars across the top (only to be outdone by Kentucky’s 7).  The stars are in the location where the nameplate normally is sewn so I doubt that they will have names on the back of this set but we shall see.  Nike also took some liberties with the team name that normally adorns the front of the jersey.  For example, UNC classically states North Carolina on their traditional set but for these, it simply states Carolina.  Other changes include Zona (Arizona), Cuse (Syracuse), and Gators (Florida).  Another interesting difference I saw was that UCONN’s accent colors are black and red instead of navy… and I have to say I like it.  One last observation on the new set.  I noticed a slightly different design on the Elite socks in the photos.  I’m sure that if my son notices them he and all of the other kids will soon be trying to find out where to buy them.  In fact, if any of you notice where you can buy any of these pieces, please let me know.

The dates and match-ups for when these uniforms will be seen in action are found below.  If you look closely you will notice that all of these match-ups are against schools who support Addidas or Under Armor… coincidence?  I think not.

If you know me well you know that I am brand-whipped by Nike.  I am generally in full support of anything they put out and these are no exceptions.  Would I like to see Carolina move to these full-time?  No… but I am glad to see the innovation continue and pushing the edge with style and performance.  I have included photos of the UNC set but you can see the rest by clicking on this link.

Sp12_BB_HypElt_NCarolina_Jersey_2_6804 Sp12_BB_HypElt_NCarolina_Short_2_6805

Dates include UConn vs. Notre Dame (1/29), Kentucky vs. Tennessee (1/31), Duke vs. Maryland (2/11), Baylor (women’s) vs. Texas A&M (2/11), Florida vs. Tennessee (2/11), Syracuse vs. USF (2/22), Arizona vs. UCLA (2/25), UConn (women’s) vs. Notre Dame (2/27) and UNC vs. Maryland (2/29).


Back Without Black – Mets celebrate 50th Anniversary


The New York Mets will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary next year and today unveiled their 50th Anniversary patch as well as an updated uniform set… most notably without the black tones that infiltrated their set back in 1998.  They will still have a black uniform that they will be using “sparingly” but all of the other uniforms will return to the classic Mets style.  The patch will be worn on the left sleeve as well as on the back of the cap.  Well done Mets!

The Mets have also created a #50 Fantastic jersey which they will be giving out to one fan at each of the 81 home games.  No player, manager, or coach will be allowed to wear this number in 2012.  Another good branding and marketing move for the club.