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Nike LeBron 12 Low will be offered in a new colorway of Hot Lava for this Summer 2015. Expect the sneaker to debut at Nike accounts on June 4th.

Source: Summer Ready: Nike LeBron 12 Low “Hot Lava” – KicksOnFire.com


Shoebiz – Nike Lebron 12

Lebron formally unveiled his newest addition to his shoe family… the 12.  Nike held their presser yesterday (and didn’t stream it for the general public like the KD launch event – boo) to promote this signature line and the new technology going into this shoe (Hexagonal Air & Megafuse).  I’m not a huge fan of the Lebron line, mostly because I enjoy lows over high-tops, plus they have a bulky image but these look like they could be slimmer and lighter… I’m intrigued.  Let me know what you think and which colorway stands out most to you.

Here are some of the highlights from the session as well as the first 7 colorways of the Nike Lebron 12 to be released before the end of the year.  The first ‘NSRL’ will be released on October 11.

“Five visible, hexagonally-shaped Nike Zoom Air bags in the outsole of the LEBRON 12 enhance natural motion while providing accelerated explosiveness with each step. Nike Zoom Air delivers the same great cushioning it brought to footwear when first introduced to basketball in 1995; now the hexagonal Nike Zoom Air is mapped to the pressure points of the foot where it’s most needed for basketball performance.”

“In tandem with the sole, the lightweight and breathable Megafuse upper is designed to act as a molded second skin that minimizes weight and amplifies breathability and comfort.”

Lebron12 Tech Sheet


The initial seven Nike LEBRON 12 colorways are inspired by James’s game, physical attributes and the analysis that went into the development of his latest signature shoe:

LEBRON 12 NSRL – James wasn’t made in a lab, but he is made better by Nike’s research, testing and analysis. The LEBRON 12 lead colorway reflects the process of turning data into design to create superior performance footwear. Launch: Oct. 1 in China; Oct. 11 globally.


LEBRON 12 Heart of a Lion – James has demonstrated the courageous heart of a lion while being tested both physically and mentally over his 11-year professional career. Launch: Oct. 30.


LEBRON 12 Dunk Force – Inspired by the power of James’s statement tomahawk dunk and equated to the speed and force of a helicopter rotor blade. Launch: Nov. 11.


LEBRON 12 Instinct – James’s keen 20/20 eyesight combined with his uncommon speed and agility translates to pinpoint, instinctual decisions, much like the way a hummingbird sees and navigates. Launch: Nov. 22.


LEBRON 12 Six Meridians – A key component of James’s training recovery and preparation is massage therapy. The ancient Chinese practice of reflexology releases energy to different points of the body, or meridians, when massaging pressure points in the feet and hands. Launch: Nov. 29.


LEBRON 12 Trillion Dollar Man – Are we looking at the athlete of the future today in LeBron James? Inspired by James’s legendary work ethic and physical gifts combined with Nike’s finest performance technology. Launch: Dec. 1.


LEBRON 12 Data – James is arguably the most dominant player in the game today, with the statistics to support that claim. Launch: Dec. 20.


Nike Kobe 8 Mine Greys

Nike Sneakers Release Date Rumors

Nike Sneakers Release Dates Rumors for 2013-14

Nike Kobe 8 Mine Greys

Nike Kobe 8 Mine Greys

The release dates can change depending on the manufacturer.

courtesy: http://basketrevolution.wordpress.com/sneaker-release-dates/

I rearranged the list and sorted it by type to make it easier in case you are a particular fan of one over the others.

Shoe Description Date Player
2 – AIR JORDAN 5 RETRO “LANEY” 11/2/2013 Jordan
16 – AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH OG “LANEY” 11/16/2013 Jordan
30 – AIR JORDAN 5 RETRO “OREO” 11/30/2013 Jordan
14 – AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO/WHITE 130690-125 12/14/2013 Jordan
21 – AIR JORDAN 11 RETRO/BLACK 378037-006 12/21/2013 Jordan
28 – AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH OG “BRED” 12/28/2013 Jordan
18 – AIR JORDAN 3 RETRO/DK POWDER BLUE 136064-406 1/18/2014 Jordan
15 – AIR JORDAN 6 RETRO/WHITE 384664-123 2/15/2014 Jordan
21 – AIR JORDAN RETRO 10/WHITE 310805-106 2/21/2014 Jordan
8 – AIR JORDAN 3 RETRO/WHITE 136064-123 3/8/2014 Jordan
2 – AIR JORDAN 11 RETRO LOW/BLACK 528895-033 4/2/2014 Jordan
21 – AIR JORDAN 11 RETRO LOW BG/WHITE 528896-153 4/21/2014 Jordan
2 – AIR JORDAN 11 RETRO LOW “CONCORD” 528895-153 5/2/2014 Jordan
21 – AIR JORDAN 6 RETRO “CARMINE” 384664-160 5/21/2014 Jordan
21 – AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH OG/WHITE 555088-123 5/21/2014 Jordan
21 – AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH OG/GYM RED 555088-601 5/21/2014 Jordan
2 – AIR JORDAN 11 RETRO LOW/BLACK 528895-023 6/2/2014 Jordan
7 – AIR JORDAN 2 RETRO/WHITE 385475-102 6/7/2014 Jordan
28 – Nike KD VI/GAMMA BLUE 599424-400 11/28/2013 KD
03 – Nike KD VI/MET’LC PEWTER 599424-003 12/3/2013 KD
26 – Nike KD VI “CHRISTMAS” 599424-601 12/26/2013 KD
30 – Nike KD VI/COOL GREY 599424-008 12/30/2013 KD
10 – Nike KD VI/BLACK 599424-010 1/10/2014 KD
17 – Nike KD VI “BHM” 646742-500 1/17/2014 KD
20 – Nike KD VI/PURE PLATINUM 599424-009 1/20/2014 KD
5 – Nike KD VI/LT CRIMSON 599424-600 2/5/2014 KD
20 – Nike KD VI (GS)/DK MICA GREEN 599477-301 2/20/2014 KD
28 – Nike KD VI/ELECTRIC GREEN 599424-302 2/28/2014 KD
14 – Nike KD VI/ANTHRACITE 599424-007 3/14/2014 KD
20 – KD VI ELITE/TURBO GREEN 642838-300 4/20/2014 KD
20 – KD VI ELITE/WHITE 642838-100 5/20/2014 KD
29 – Nike KOBE 8 SYSTEM/MINE GREY 555035-003 11/29/2013 Kobe
13 – Nike KOBE 8 SYSTEM/GREEN GLOW 555035-304 12/13/2013 Kobe
20 – Nike KOBE IX ELITE (GS)/BLACK 636602-002 12/20/2013 Kobe
26 – Nike Kobe 8 “CHRISTMAS” 639522-001 12/26/2013 Kobe
31 – Nike KOBE 8 SYSTEM YOTH/LT CRIMSON 639654-674 12/31/2013 Kobe
13 – Nike KOBE 9 ELITE (GS)/PURPLE VENOM 636602-002 2/13/2014 Kobe
20 – Nike KOBE 9 ELITE (GS)/PURPLE VENOM 636602-500 2/20/2014 Kobe
20 – Nike KOBE IX ELITE (GS)/WHITE 636602-100 3/20/2014 Kobe
20 – KOBE IX ELITE (GS)/COURT PURPLE 636602-501 3/20/2014 Kobe
20 – KOBE IX ELITE/WOLF GREY 630847-005 4/20/2014 Kobe
20 – KOBE IX EM/BLACK 646701-001 4/20/2014 Kobe
20 – KOBE IX EM “BLITZ BLUE” 646701-413 5/20/2014 Kobe
20 – KOBE IX ELITE/WHITE 630847-100 5/20/2014 Kobe
?? – Nike Kobe 9 Elite/Black 630847-001 Unconfirmed Kobe
?? – Nike Kobe 9 Elite/Black 630847-002 Unconfirmed Kobe
?? – Nike Kobe 9 Elite/BASE GREY 630847-003 Unconfirmed Kobe
?? – Nike Kobe 9 Elite/Black 630847-004 Unconfirmed Kobe
?? – Nike Kobe 9 Elite/NEO TURQ 630847-400 Unconfirmed Kobe
?? – Nike KOBE 8 SYSTEM YOTH/VIVID BLUE 639654-400 Unconfirmed Kobe
22 – Nike LEBRON XI/ARMORY SLATE 616175-401 11/22/2013 Lebron
27 – Nike LEBRON XI/BLACK 616175-001 11/27/2013 Lebron
06 – Nike LEBRON XI / BRAVE BLUE 616175-400 12/6/2013 Lebron
20 – Nike LEBRON XI/WHITE 616175-100 12/20/2013 Lebron
26 – Nike Lebron XI “CHRISTMAS” 616175-301 12/26/2013 Lebron
30 – Nike LEBRON XI/MICA GREEN 616175-300 12/30/2013 Lebron
17 – Nike Lebron XI “BHM” 646702-001 1/17/2014 Lebron
20 – Nike LEBRON XI/BLACK 616175-004 1/20/2014 Lebron
6 – Nike LEBRON XI/ATOMIC ORANGE 616175-800 2/6/2014 Lebron
7 – Nike LEBRON XI/COURT PURPLE 616175-500 3/7/2014 Lebron
20 – LEBRON XI ELITE/LASER CRIMSON 642846-600 4/20/2014 Lebron
20 – MAX LEBRON XI LOW/LT BASE GREY 642849-001 4/20/2014 Lebron
20 – MAX LEBRON XI LOW/MEDIUM KHAKI 642849-200 4/20/2014 Lebron
20 – MAX LEBRON XI LOW/ATOMIC MANGO 642849-800 5/20/2014 Lebron
20 – LEBRON XI ELITE/BLACK 642846-002 5/20/2014 Lebron



Shoebiz: The Air Jordan XX8…WTC!?!?!



This is like a full on “serenity now, serenity now” moment for me.

Yes I’m late to the game on this reveal, traveling for work will do that to a guy, but I can’t ignore the shoe above.  Yes boys and girls that is the Air Jordan 2013 aka XX8 and no Virginia… apparently there isn’t a Santa because if there was he wouldn’t allow us to have that atrocity represent the Jordan line.  Look I get it, you have reached a point where the shoe will sell on the Jordan name alone and by positioning it as the cutting edge tech shoe each year you can sell it for well in excess of $200 and make some cash (rumored to be over $300 with the special Nike + functionality, also known as the $70 stupid tax that Nike has been tacking on to their signature shoes) but why oh why does it have to come at the cost of design?

Seriously, look at that thing.  I know it was “inspired” by stealth but does stealth really mean a $300 shroud for my foot?  It’s almost the absence of design when its zipped up and when zipped down…is that really a look?  Inspired by lazy people who don’t lace their shoes or something?  And why oh why is the first colorway black and alien green?  What is so terribly wrong with sticking to the classics?  And an 8 inch high top which doesn’t actually offer any support but instead “integrates the shoe with the athlete for a visually distinct look”.  Hey alot of things are visually distinct…it doesn’t mean they are good…

I guess I should at least share what it is that makes this shoe so gosh dern special at least…

  • Zoom units in the forefoot and heel
  • Dynamic fit technology uses straps and laces together for support that moves with the foot
  • Flight plate technology uses a Pebax tm moderator plate that maximizes the responsiveness of the zoom units through compression and deflection for optimal performance.

If you understood that last bullet point…congrats you must be a member of the Jordan marketing group…sounds like a glorified catapult system to me.


Shoebiz…Mamba x 8 (Kobe VIII)

Blame the excruciating pain I have been in over the last few days but a pic of the “final” Kobe VIII’s hit the interwebs and I totally missed it:




I say “final” because what seems to happen with each new Kobe is that we get a pic of the final shoe in a colorway that is anything but final so who knows what the end result will be for the yellow and black urban camo effect (1988 Storm Shadow aka one of the greatest figures of the GI Joe line would approve no doubt).

Not fully sure on all the tech here but you can assume zoom air (wishful thinking has it as double stacked full length zoom but I don’t buy it) and “engineered mesh” which I’ve heard is a mix between fuse and flyknit engineered for basketball…or something like that.

My take?  Well it looks a lot like the VI’s and I was a fan of that.  I think of this as a revised VI with today’s tech.  And we know they are going to do innovative things with the colors/patterns on the upper.  So at the moment I’m giving it a hesitant thumbs up.

Also, while I don’t know if they are calling this a “system” like the VII’s I do expect different inserts and materials to be used for the rumored four different versions of the shoe.  In addition to what I assume is the base version above there will also be an Elite and Elite + which I would guess would sport some kind of ankle insert and Nike + functionality respectively.  Aside from those three it looks like we are also going to get a “lifestyle” version of the shoe in more traditional, off the court, leather based material.  Take a look at the first pic of those (complete with atrocious colorway) below.





Shoebiz…Kobe VIII

The first glimpse of the upcoming Kobe VIII has finally been released on an unsuspecting public thanks to Counterkicks.

nike-kobe-viii-1 nike-kobe-viii-system-1


This is an early sample so as always we will reserve judgment until the final specs release as both tech and design can change.  If we have learned anything from the preview pics of the last few Kobe’s its that this designed pictured above is likely far from final.  What we have though is an obvious evolution of design that we have seen from the Kobe IV-VII.  The big buzz word with this release is “Engineered Mesh”.  While it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue quite like hyperfuse or flywire this new mesh technique promises performance maneuvered manufacturing for a lighter weight body, maximum ventilation in function, and a sport specific upper.

As you can see the shoe also is once again going to be part of a “system” ala the VII as seen by the ankle sock structure.  Just exactly what options will be part of this system are yet to be seen.

Perhaps one of the most shocking elements of this shoe, or rather the most shocking absence, is the lack of flywire.  Flywire has of course been a staple of the Kobe line since the IV.  Perhaps the most obvious design element of the shoe pictured above is one that perhaps will not be staying.  The Swoosh, which gives a bit of a dynamic feel by being placed so far forward towards the toe box, will instead be returned to a more traditional position along the side of the shoe from everything I have read.

As is the norm, the internet at large seems to be crapping all over the early design of the VIII but for once I like what I see at this early stage.  Lets hope that continues…


Shoebiz…Gold Medal Edition

Or everything that was interesting in shoe news three weeks ago…

But I digress…there has been a bit of shoe news pop up over the last couple of months and while not timely anymore I feel obligated to pass along the news to those of you who may not be scouring the internet (or watched the Olympics DOH!) for the latest shoe news

First up…its the long awaited but not really because the season just ended and holy cow how are they already releasing the Lebron X?



Thats the special “Gold Medal” Team USA colorway of the shoe complete with special golden, anti establishment, backwards facing swoosh.  I’ll let the marketing buzz speak for itself:

“The design of the LeBron X is inspired by the diamond, an unbreakable gemstone forged by time, heat and pressure. LeBron’s latest is constructed for dynamic containment, impact protection and responsiveness to assist one of the game’s most explosive players.”

Uhh right.  I thought the 10th anniversary was aluminum, not diamond?

Anywho from a tech standpoint the shoe features the first full-length visible Nike Zoom unit, dynamic Flywire technology, Hyperfuse construction and Nike+ Basketball.  Rumors abound that a special Nike+ basketball edition will feature additional sensors and run over $300.

I also wanted to touch on the Olympic colorway of the Kobe VII because hey this is Droppin and I’m all about the Kobes.  When it was first unveiled I didn’t think much of the rather boring design and so I never posted on it.  Then they released the pics of the “Gold Medal” edition:.



HOLY COW! That gold swoosh makes all the difference in the world to an otherwise boring colorway.  I could do without the gold gradient/splatter on the heel counter but other than that its a very cool take on the VII.

Jordan Fly Wade – NikeID

A little hit of Shoebiz for your Sunday evening.  I forgot to post that Dwayne Wade’s new Jordan Signature shoe, the Jordan Fly Wade, is hitting NikeID today so feel free to customize to your hearts content.  The only real disappointment here is the lack of any sort of “Columbia” color options on the shoe so I guess no Carolina colorways here.  To get things started I thought I’d post a few colorways I whipped up: