NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_mychal rivera TD over richard sherman

State of the Raider Nation Week 9


State of the Raider Nation Week 9: RAIDERS vs. Seahawks

What looked like another blow out at the end of the first half ended up to be much closer by the end of the game.  The Raiders only put up 3 points in the first half but then added 21 in the second.  The Raiders gave the Seahawks a scare but couldn’t get it done as Seattle held on to win 24-30.  With all the drama going on in Seattle, with the pressure of being defending champs, and not playing their best, I thought there was a chance the Raiders could pull this one out but it didn’t work out this time around.
What did we learn?
Sebastian Janikowski
We scored on our opening drive… converting a couple of third downs.  Only a FG though but it always helps to score quickly.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_air Carr
Carr had two INTs today… Richard Sherman got one but I’m not even mad at Carr for that.  I love that he isn’t afraid to test the top corners.  Hard to say for sure if that one was his fault or the receiver not knowing the play call.  Keep wagging that tongue Air Carr!
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_mychal rivera TD over richard sherman
Mychal Rivera has made some big catches today and a couple of TDs in goal-line plays.  A TE can be a young QBs best friend.

NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_dj haden INT

DJ Haden looked rusty in his first game back… made a stupid mental error taunting after a tackle which ended up giving the Hawks a first down and they went on to score… bad PI play after he got beat early in the game… dropped an INT.  However, he did get an INT and showed up on other plays to provide some encouragement that he could be key in the future.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_carr ghost whistle
An odd moment in the game where Carr thought he heard a whistle so he immediately throws the ball to the ground… problem is nobody else heard the “ghost whistle”.  He could have been called for intentional grounding but the refs bailed him out and said there was a receiver in the area.  I would bet Carr heard a whistle… just not sure where it came from though.  Loss of down hurt us there though.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_blocked punt Denico Autry
Special teams stood tall with a blocked punt and recover for a TD.  You need those types of plays to win games.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_brice butler TD recovery
Brice Butler recovers the punt block in the end zone.

NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_Bruce Irvin pick 6

An INT returned for a TD… the Legion of Boom showed up.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_lyncg beastmode
Marshawn went Beastmode on this play as he would not be stopped from getting into the endzone.  I was surprised that the refs didn’t blow the whistle on his forward progression being stopped.  Man that would be fun to see him in Silver & Black next year.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_wilson sack
The defense played well for the majority of the game today.  Good to see them still fighting and not rolling over.  When the offense becomes more consistent, the D will get more rest and raise their consistency as well.  Today they put a lot of pressure on Wilson and caused incomplete passes… getting off the field on 3 and outs… and then red zone D bent but didn’t break… especially in the second half.  Kalil Mack seemed to be ball-hawking causing pressure and getting tackles behind the line of scrimmage… fun to watch him develop… so close to making some huge plays.
That fumble by Carrie on the return hurt.  I still believe in his talent though… growing pains.
NFL: Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks
McFadden still appears to be playing hard but doesn’t have a lot of stats to show for it.  However, he was a factor in the receiving game with a nice screen.
Oakland Raiders v Seattle Seahawks
I was right… the officials were watching the game with Seahawk glasses on.  I don’t always buy into the “league against us” conspiracy but today it seemed to be that way at times.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_king
Just wanted a shot of my son’s favorite player, King.  Nice photobomb by Lynch in the back graphic.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_onside fail 2
This onside kick was nearly recovered.  We had a man two feet away from the ball on the ground but they beat us to it.
Next week: The Donkeys are coming into town and after coming off the beat-down from the Patriots, my guess is that we will see a ticked off Peyton Manning who will be ultra focused and execute at a high level.  Here is to hoping I’m wrong.

Just Win Baby


As a lifelong member of the Raider Nation, I can’t let this moment pass without expressing my gratitude to Mr. Raider, Al Davis.  Being a Raider fan hasn’t been easy lately but when you look at the history and what Mr. Davis has accomplished, I’m proud of the stamp he left on the game.

Here are some other thoughts and reactions from around the league to the death of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis:

“Al Davis’s passion for football and his influence on the game were extraordinary. He defined the Raiders and contributed to pro football at every level. The respect he commanded was evident in the way that people listened carefully every time he spoke. He is a true legend of the game whose impact and legacy will forever be part of the NFL.”–NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

“It is because of this accomplished man and his forever love of Silver and Black, the fire that burned in him I will honor and will always and forever burn in me.”–Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson
“Al Davis was a good man, and we were friendly rivals. He was a football man and did a lot for the game of football. I had a lot of respect for him, and he will be missed throughout the entire NFL.”–Pittsburgh Steelers chairman emeritus Dan Rooney

“Al Davis had a brilliant football mind, and his teams set a standard for excellence for many years.”–John Mara, New York Giants president and CEO

“It’s a sad day. When you look at the landscape of the National Football League and what Al Davis did, it’s immense. It’s no secret that we didn’t see eye-to-eye at times, but I’ve always been grateful for the opportunity that he gave me, and I’ll always remember that.”–Marcus Allen, the MVP in the Raiders’ last Super Bowl win

“We’ve got to rally together. The only thing Mr. Davis would want us to do is win. That’s the only thing he ever talks about is just winning, and going out there and playing as hard as you can play. That’s how you have to do it from here on out. You just have to go out and if you want to honor him, just honor him by going out and playing as hard as you can to win.”–Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell

“He was a pioneer. He did so many things. He was a coach, he was the commissioner of the AFL, became the owner of the Raiders and he ran that club the way he saw fit. He brought in players that everyone else was discarding, including me, and he made it work. And he let you be who you were. We had some guys who liked to have a lot of fun, me included. But when it came Sunday and game day, those guys were always ready to play. He had a knack for getting all of them to play together.”–Jim Plunkett, who won two Super Bowl titles after Davis revived his career by bringing him to Oakland

“A visionary who was ahead of the curve in so many ways, Coach Davis had a great grasp of personnel, schemes and strategy. I learned a tremendous amount of football during my six years with his organization. His sole focus and passion in life was the Raiders. He was at practice every day and very aware of what was going on organizationally. He challenged you to be your best, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity he gave me as a head coach.”– former Raiders coach and current Jets assistant Bill Callahan

“Al was a football man–his entire life revolved around the game he loved. He worked his way up through the ranks and had a knowledge of all phases of the game. That experience aided him as an owner. He was quite different from every other owner in that way. As an AFL guy, he was in that group of people who pushed our league forward. I didn’t get to see him over the last few years, and I know many, including myself, will miss him.”–Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams, an original AFL owner of the Houston Oilers.

“He wasn’t afraid of standing alone and making a bold move such as suing the league. He had naysayers, but he didn’t care, because he didn’t care what people thought. He wasn’t always right, but he did what he thought was right for the Raiders and the league.”–former Raiders linebacker Matt Millen.

“In my eyes, so much of his legacy will be defined by the loyalty he had for the men who played for the Raiders and the love that they had for him. That was a bond that extended beyond the playing years and lasted lifetimes. His contributions and expertise were inspiring at every level–coach, general manager, owner and commissioner. There was no element of the game of professional football for which Al did not enjoy a thorough and complete level of knowledge and passion.”–Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

“Forty-eight years ago, I met Al, and every once in a while in your life, someone comes along that changes the direction of your life. He did that to me and changed the direction with his passion for the Raiders and professional football. He was a dear man, my mentor and most of all, my friend. I will miss him.”–former Raiders coach Tom Flores, the first Latino coach in the NFL.

“He was an iconic figure in the history of professional football and built a truly legendary franchise with the Raiders. I consider myself fortunate to have known him and to have been a part of that Raiders history. Even though our relationship did not end the way I would have liked, I have nothing but the greatest respect for Mr. Davis, and I truly appreciate the opportunity he afforded me and so many young coaches, players and staff.”–former Raiders coach and current USC football head coach Lane Kiffin.

“I came to the Raiders in 1967 with the trade with Denver. It was the best thing that happened in my career to come and play for Mr. Davis. I’ve surely enjoyed every year, and I’ve been here over 41 years. … I’ve enjoyed every year of being here with him, and it’s a loss not only to the Raider organization, but to all of America.”–former Raiders Hall of Famer cornerback Willie Brown.

“Mr. Davis is a titan and pillar of the game. I had the pleasure and honor to know him and to work for him. And to me, he is the greatest. The autumn wind will always be a Raider.”–San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh

“While I am saddened by the news of Mr. Davis’ passing, I will forever be heartened and enriched by the many personal interactions I had with him over the years. His winning, his football knowledge, his passion for his team and contributions to the league made him one of the all-time greats. By striving for the highest level of excellence with our respective teams and the game itself, we will be honoring the memory of Al Davis.”–New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick

“This is a sad day for Raider Nation and the NFL. But it’s a day to think about all Mr. Davis did for football. He was truly one of a kind.”–Bengals quarterback Bruce Gradkowski(notes), who played in Oakland from 2009-10.

“From the earliest days of the AFL, Al’s love for the game and fierce loyalty to his franchise contributed to the success and popularity of pro football. His competitive spirit helped develop the great rivalry our team and fans enjoy today with the Oakland Raiders. His contributions to the game played an important role in building the strong foundation the NFL enjoys today.”– Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt

“During my 28 years with the Broncos, I came to know Al Davis as one of the most influential and innovative people in the history of the National Football League. … I respected Al for what he meant to the NFL. He was a visionary who defined the Raiders and had an enormous responsibility for the prosperity of this league.”–Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.