Uni-Forum Observations

A random collection of new uniform news including new alternate jerseys from the Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings.  I just had my birthday but had I known that someone is making Jordan Shoe cakes, I would have requested one of those.  Lastly, BYU and Utah went color on color in their matchup this week… no whites.












Back Without Black – Mets celebrate 50th Anniversary


The New York Mets will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary next year and today unveiled their 50th Anniversary patch as well as an updated uniform set… most notably without the black tones that infiltrated their set back in 1998.  They will still have a black uniform that they will be using “sparingly” but all of the other uniforms will return to the classic Mets style.  The patch will be worn on the left sleeve as well as on the back of the cap.  Well done Mets!

The Mets have also created a #50 Fantastic jersey which they will be giving out to one fan at each of the 81 home games.  No player, manager, or coach will be allowed to wear this number in 2012.  Another good branding and marketing move for the club.


TCU unveils new uniforms

TCU Horned Frogs

I’m sad to see the Pro Combat unis not be adapted full time but this new set doesn’t look too bad.  I can’t really see the pants from this view so that could make or break this set but it does look clean so far.  I think they should match the fonts on the helmet with the numbers for a more uniform look (get it? …UNIFORM look… nevermind).  They did drop the frog from the helmet which is fine by me but if they go to the rose bowl again, where will they put the rose?