Madden 25?


EA has announced the next iteration of Madden with one major twist, or at least as major as any of the changes they have made to the game engine for the last 3 years.

The major change? Well it may not be called Madden 14!


(okay that may have been a bit too much)

Instead, in honor the 25th anniversary it will simply be called Madden 25, or maybe it will be called that. The announcement just says that “Madden 25 is coming soon”. Interesting use of the word soon since the release date of 8/27/13 is given.

Also interesting math on behalf of the Madden crew as by my record the first Madden came out for PC in 1988. The first Madden for a home console, Sega Genesis, came out in 1990. So this is either the 26th or the 24th anniversary.

I do have one tasty rumor to report on for Madden 1425. A new feature so revolutionary you will feel like you have wasted your money on every other copy of the game you have ever purchased. Thats right ladies and gentlemen, they are taking Madden in a whole new direction with…wait for it…ACTUAL REFEREES!!!! Ed and his virtual guns are coming to a game console near you!!!!

A little more Madden-ing

Well I hope everyone likes Madden…

And I hope everyone likes the fact that Madden is the only NFL game in town…

Because today the NFL announced that it has extended its exclusive NFL license to EA for two more years which will now run up through the 2014 edition of Madden. ¬†From what I’ve heard it sounds like the deal was rushed through and EA was given some concessions due to the possibility of an upcoming lockout, which seems all the more likely with each passing day.

This fall will Madden 2012 be the only NFL we have?

Bet on the Steelers

That is if you believe the official Madden simulation of the Super Bowl which has been correct 6 out of the last 7 Super Bowls. If you believe that, then the Steelers will win 24-20…miss the old days when there was more then one NFL game and we would have more then one simulation to guess on.