Ballers Drive by with the Kobe System VII

It’s not a shoe, it’s a system!  The Kobe System VII was driven from the mantra that, “Good design is the perfect balance between science and art.” -DaVinci

Didn’t know about the Kobe pattern was inspired from Kobe’s “predator” mentality… on the court… he is a predator on the court.  The pattern is a combination of shark, snake, & leopard patterns.  Cool insight in the vid…

Kobe VII

Alright, this news is a few days old now but with work and family I’ve been unable to post it until now. Behold the official Kobe VII:

Thanks, as always, goes out to marqueesole for the fantastic photography of the shoe.  What we are looking at is the “inline” colorway of the Kobe VII Supreme.  Supreme you ask?  Yes well as seems to be the standard with signature shoes these days the Kobe VII will hit in three versions at three different price points.  The first to hit, on December 23, will be the Supreme version in Black/White/Del Sol colorway.  From what I have gathered “Supreme” in this case refers to the removable ankle bootie.  It features some “pro combat-esque” padding and wraps around the bottom of the insole to ensure it stays in place.  That of course also means that the insole is removable. The shoe will retail for the steep price of $180 but promises to attempt to combine the perfect world of low top/ankle support.  We shall see.

The second version will be the base version, without inner bootie from what I hear which is good because the Supreme cannot be worn without it.  It will retail for $140 and no pics have been released to the wild as of yet.  The first colorways of this model will hit in February 2012.

Last will be the “Elite”.  Little is know about the Elites other then the fact that they retail for $200 so Elite may just mean more money.  The first Elite’s will hit in April 2012.