Shoebiz…Gold Medal Edition

Or everything that was interesting in shoe news three weeks ago…

But I digress…there has been a bit of shoe news pop up over the last couple of months and while not timely anymore I feel obligated to pass along the news to those of you who may not be scouring the internet (or watched the Olympics DOH!) for the latest shoe news

First up…its the long awaited but not really because the season just ended and holy cow how are they already releasing the Lebron X?



Thats the special “Gold Medal” Team USA colorway of the shoe complete with special golden, anti establishment, backwards facing swoosh.  I’ll let the marketing buzz speak for itself:

“The design of the LeBron X is inspired by the diamond, an unbreakable gemstone forged by time, heat and pressure. LeBron’s latest is constructed for dynamic containment, impact protection and responsiveness to assist one of the game’s most explosive players.”

Uhh right.  I thought the 10th anniversary was aluminum, not diamond?

Anywho from a tech standpoint the shoe features the first full-length visible Nike Zoom unit, dynamic Flywire technology, Hyperfuse construction and Nike+ Basketball.  Rumors abound that a special Nike+ basketball edition will feature additional sensors and run over $300.

I also wanted to touch on the Olympic colorway of the Kobe VII because hey this is Droppin and I’m all about the Kobes.  When it was first unveiled I didn’t think much of the rather boring design and so I never posted on it.  Then they released the pics of the “Gold Medal” edition:.



HOLY COW! That gold swoosh makes all the difference in the world to an otherwise boring colorway.  I could do without the gold gradient/splatter on the heel counter but other than that its a very cool take on the VII.


Or More Black Mamba if you will.

A few new colorways of the Kobe VII have been unvieled, a couple of which have a unique twist that I wanted to share.

First up, the animal themes continue but this time instead of a venomous snake the Kobe VII takes the theme from another dangerous reptile, the poison dart frog:

The shoe features a black/mint candy colorway that mimics the “aposematic” pattern the deadly frog uses to warn off predators.  These are scheduled for an Easter weekend release I believe and further info leads us to believe that both a Royal Purple and Blue/Red colorways will also be releasing with this pattern down the road.

Second, we have the “Invisibility Cloak”:

This colorway features an “iridescent” effect which changes the color from purple to turquoise depending on the light.  My brother in law had an old 90’s Firebird with the same paint job.  These bad boys actually came out on February 18th in limited release so you if want a pair, overpaying is probably the only way to go at this point.

I for one love the creativity nike is droppin on the Kobe VII with the innovative patterns and textures being used on the upper.  Unfortunately that makes regular releases like the new Kobe VII Laker Home seem a bit bland by comparison but its certain made for some epic releases thus far.

Thanks goes out to for the pics and info.

Shoebiz…Bangin son

Big Bang…

Nike seems to be in the habit these days of putting together horrible colorways of their signature b-ball shoes and putting them out in extremely limited releases to drive demand for these awkward colorway that if put out as general release would probably be ignored by the world at large…

Well you certainly can’t say that with this next Kobe VII release…behold the BIG BANG:

Credit, in case you can’t tell, goes out to the always first, always awesome  I for one am really digging this space themed colorway.  I’m hoping that translucent sole on the bottom is glow in the dark.  That would really set it off.

Shoe-biz, Kobe style

Okay so we’ve got a few new colorways of the Kobe VII to show you today.  If you don’t know one of the design themes behind the Kobe VII was predatory animals, not only the black mamba that is his namesake but also animals that represent speed and power, namely a shark and a cheetah.

So its only fitting I suppose that there is going to be a “predator pack” featuring colorways inspired by various animals.

First up we have the wolf, which I can only assume was added due to the popularity of the “wolf grey” color schemes over the years:


I don’t really know what the orange swoosh has to due with the Wolf theme on this one but its a striking colorway nevertheless.

Next up its the “Shark”:

nike-zoom-kobe-vii-sharkI guess not wanting to have more than one grey colorway in this pack the “Shark” focuses on the water aspects of the ocean with a nice looking gradient on the upper that shows the potential for future colorways on this design.

Last, and possibly least if you aren’t colorblind, its the cheetah, which bears no resemblance to a cheetah whatsoever.  You have been warned…

No really you might want to look away if your squeamish at all…


Sure to go down in history with the likes of the Kobe V Chaos and the Kobe VI Grinches, its the Joker inspired Cheetahs.  Why this has a Cheetah print on it I have no clue.  Perhaps they are making shoes for…PIMP DADDY DESTRO!!!


Kobe VII

Alright, this news is a few days old now but with work and family I’ve been unable to post it until now. Behold the official Kobe VII:

Thanks, as always, goes out to marqueesole for the fantastic photography of the shoe.  What we are looking at is the “inline” colorway of the Kobe VII Supreme.  Supreme you ask?  Yes well as seems to be the standard with signature shoes these days the Kobe VII will hit in three versions at three different price points.  The first to hit, on December 23, will be the Supreme version in Black/White/Del Sol colorway.  From what I have gathered “Supreme” in this case refers to the removable ankle bootie.  It features some “pro combat-esque” padding and wraps around the bottom of the insole to ensure it stays in place.  That of course also means that the insole is removable. The shoe will retail for the steep price of $180 but promises to attempt to combine the perfect world of low top/ankle support.  We shall see.

The second version will be the base version, without inner bootie from what I hear which is good because the Supreme cannot be worn without it.  It will retail for $140 and no pics have been released to the wild as of yet.  The first colorways of this model will hit in February 2012.

Last will be the “Elite”.  Little is know about the Elites other then the fact that they retail for $200 so Elite may just mean more money.  The first Elite’s will hit in April 2012.