iCADE… iPad keeps getting better

I know what is going on my Christmas list.  I have always wanted a stand up arcade machine but this will do just fine.  Enter, iCADE’s iPad Arcade Cabinent!  You just slide your iPad into the cradle and the Bluetooth will connect them together.  Atari is on board so you will be able to play classic arcade titles such as Asteroids and other top games.

iPad makes me uuuuh…

Or rather my son.  Yes over the weekend my son was playing our iPad during a drive home from Grandma’s house when apparently the motion of the car and the motion of the game got the best of him and despite his best efforts to hold it in he threw up on the iPad.  Thankfully the iPad itself wiped clean fairly easily but now I’ve got a leather iPad case that smells of vomit.

Anyone know the bet way to clean sick from leather?

IOS 4.3

So got yerself one of those fancy “i” devices capable of the current version of IOS? Well here is a sneak peak at some features apparently coming in the upcoming IOS 4.3:

iPad – iDid

I have always been intrigued by the iPhone but because my employer’s phone of choice is Blackberry (no complaints by the way) I never entertained it. I could have gone the iPod Touch route but I didn’t want to carry a blackberry and an iPod (How’s that workin’ for ya?). So when the iPad was first announced I wanted to learn more. I didn’t take the plunge and pre-order or buy on launch day because I wanted to learn from the first wave and I also felt like I wanted the 3G model.

Well, the first wave arrived and a buddy of mine was in love with his. After talking more with him about the power of the iPad and researching it on the web I decided to get the 3G model on launch day… except all my nearby stores sold out and I eventually just ordered it from apple online. Now, after having in my possession for 10 days, here is my review.

The iPad rocks! Here are some reasons why…

1. Mobile internet the way it was meant to be – I don’t need to go to a different room if someone else is on the computer, I can sit next to them in the living room and surf away. I realize you can do this with a laptop as well but I don’t need to “boot” the iPad. With one click, I’m up and going.
2. Reading – The iPad makes it so easy to download books, magazines, newsletters, etc. Between iBooks, Kindle App, and the new Barnes and Nobles App, you are covered to read almost anything. I might even read a comic or two. Are there other devices out there that do this? Yes, but do they do all of these other things? No.
3. GPS Navigation – One less thing to carry. Right now I’m using the iPhone App – MotionX GPS and it works just fine.
4. Video viewing – Streaming TV, movies, podcasts, converting DVDs (oh yeah, if you plan on downloading movies or viewing your own, go 64gb… either that or go with one of the cloud apps), etc. The perfect size for mobile video, plus you can buy the adapter and connect it to a larger display. The quality is excellent.
5. Travel – perfect travel device. Watch, listen, read, surf, write, email, etc. all from the road. I could go on but you get the picture.
6. Email and Social media – My blackberry covers my work email and I can use the iPad for personal use. The twitter apps, the Facebook iphone app (I’m sure a better one will come out later), the web, etc.
7. Games – I love my psp but gaming on the iPad will be huge. It is small enough to take with you but big enough to impress you visually. Not all games have great graphics so far but the potential is there. My only concern is the control functionality. That could diminish gameplay somewhat (thinking about Madden) but it won’t replace my console… just get me through when I’m not at home. By the way, my family is addicted to Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds… so much fun!
8. Blogging – this post brought to you by the WordPress ipad app.
9. Work – yes, I do plan on using this to work on . With Numbers, Pages, and Keynote I can put together a proposal, pricing document, presentation, etc. (especially with a bluetooth keyboard). I don’t think it will replace my laptop but it can get me by in a pinch.
10. Family sanity – This might sound corny but I can turn my daughter’s mood around in a heartbeat with the iPad. If her brothers pick on her I can say, “Let’s go play with Doodle Buddy” and she is immediately happy. She was a bit of a momma’s girl but that is starting to change. Are there other ways to build this relationship? Yes, but can they do all these other things? :)

I could go on but I won’t… need to go kill some zombies. Is it perfect? No, but I don’t think that should stop you from buying. Software will continue to be developed and it will get even better than it is today. Besides, I don’t think this will be my last iPad. Enjoy it for what it is!