Droppin something you have never seen before

Words are not enough anymore.  To get the full impact and understanding of what Droppin is, it can only be captured through video.  That’s right Droppin-ites.  Welcome to the first ever Droppin Vlog – Heroes & Zeros style.


Heroes and Zeros – Fantasy Football – Week 7


A little late this week I know but better late than never.  What did we learn this week fake football fans?

  • Chris Johnson doesn’t like it when I dog him.  Seems like as soon as I give up on him, he proves me wrong.    I haven’t turned completely back in favor of him though.  Let’s see if he can be more consistent.
  • Vernon Davis with no targets?  Certainly an intriguing story here.
  • Trent Richardson is also of concern – two weeks in a row with bad numbers.  Hit the rookie wall already?

Here they are, your Heroes & Zeros – fantasy football players of the week 7 and your projected heroes for week 8:

Week 7 – Results
QB Drew Brees Joe Flacco
Josh Freeman Tony Romo
RB 1 Chris Johnson Darren McFadden
Arian Foster Ray Rice
RB 2 Adrian Peterson Trent Richardson
LaRod Stephens-Howling BenJarvus Green-Ellis
WR 1 Vincent Jackson Calvin Johnson
Randall Cobb Dez Bryant
WR 2 Victor Cruz Larry Fitzgerald
Jordy Nelson Anquan Boldin
TE Rob Gronkowski Vernon Davis
Dustin Keller Kyle Rudolph
DEF Houston Green Bay
Minnesota Dallas
Week 8 Projections
QB Aaron Rodgers
Drew Brees
RB 1 LeSean McCoy
Adrian Peterson
RB 2 Chris Johnson
Matt Forte
WR 1 Miles Austin
Calvin Johnson
WR 2 Percy Harvin
Hakeem Nicks
TE Rob Gronkowski
Jason Witten
DEF Chicago
San Francisco

Heroes & Zeros – Week 6/7

Another interesting week in the land of fantasy football.  What did we learn this week kids…

  • Aaron Rodgers – did he finally clear the funk out?  I don’t know but he performance against Houston was impressive.
  • Shonn Greene and Jordy Nelson – finally having the games I thought they would be putting together this year.  Don’t think they will sustain it though but I do think (hope) the Jets will keep Shonn involved more.
  • Atlanta – they sure laid an egg but I like to think Oakland had something to do with that.
  • Denver and San Diego – wow… that’s all I can say.  I started watching in the second half… just in time to watch Philip Rivers self-destruct and Peyton mount a comeback (see what I did there?  mount… Donkeys… never mind).
Week 6- Results
QB Aaron Rodgers Matt Ryan
RG  III Philip Rivers
RB 1 Shonn Greene Trent Richardson
Ray Rice Reggie Bush
RB 2 Ahmad Bradshaw Marshawn Lynch
Arian Foster Michael Turner
WR 1 Jordy Nelson Miles Austin
AJ Green Dwayne Bowe
WR 2 Dez Bryant Julio Jones
Wes Welker Reggie Wayne
TE Antonio Gates Jermichael Finley
Kyle Rudolph Brent Celek
DEF Denver Houston
New York Giants Cincinnati
Week 7 Projections
QB Drew Brees
Eli Manning
RB 1 Arian Foster
Darren McFadden
RB 2 CJ Spiller
Trent Richardson
WR 1 Brandon Marshall
Victor Cruz
WR 2 AJ Green
Reggie Wayne
TE Jimmy Graham
Rob Gronkowski
DEF San Francisco

Heroes & Zeros

What did we learn this week fantasy kids?  I’m done thinking Chris Johnson is going to have a comeback year.  Also, Carolina is in trouble.  The running game is gone and is Cam who I thought he was?  The Packers have fallen back to earth – no Jennings and now no Benson.  I hope RGIII comes back strong… fun rookie battle between him and Luck.

Here they are, your fantasy football players of the week… Heroes & Zeros:

Week 5- Results



QB Drew Brees Cam Newton
Andrew Luck Joe Flacco
RB 1 Ahmad Bradshaw BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Arian Foster MJD
RB 2 Ryan Matthews Chris Johnson
Stevan Ridley DeAngelo Williams
WR 1 Marques Colston Jordy Nelson
Reggie Wayne Mike Wallace
WR 2 Percy Harvin Torrey Smith
Victor Cruz Andre Johnson
TE Tony Gonzalez Jimmy Graham
Owen Daniels Jermichael Finley
DEF Chicago Arizona
St. Louis Houston

Week 6 Projections


QB Matt Ryan
Joe Flacco
RB 1 Arian Foster
Trent Richardson
RB 2 Jamaal Charles
Rashard Mendenhall
WR 1 Larry Fitzgerald
AJ Green
WR 2 Roddy White
Andre Johnson
TE Tony Gonzalez
Vernon Davis
DEF Atlanta

Heroes & Zeros – Week 4

What did we learn in week 4 kids?  I learned never to trust Tony Romo again.  Here are your Fantasy Football Players of the Week for Week 4 and projected heroes for Week 5.

Week 4- Results



QB Tom Brady Tony Romo
Aaron Rodgers Christian Ponder
RB 1 Stevan Ridley Darren McFadden
Michael Turner Shonn Greene
RB 2 Marshawn Lynch Doug Martin
Willis McGahee Mikel LeShoure
WR 1 Brian Hartline Julio Jones
Roddy White Stevie Johnson
WR 2 Andre Roberts Steve Smith
Marques Colston Jeremy Maclin
TE Jason Witten Vernon Davis
Scott Chandler Dennis Pitta
DEF San Francisco Seattle
Chicago Detroit

Week 5 Projections


QB Aaron Rodgers
Joe Flacco
RB 1 Arian Foster
RB 2 Ahmad Bradshaw
Ray Rice
WR 1 Wes Welker
Jordy Nelson
WR 2 Roddy White
Victor Cruz
TE Vernon Davis
Antonio Gates
DEF Chicago
San Francisco

Fantasy Football – Heroes & Zeros – Players of the Week – Week 3

Another wild week in the NFL.  We saw many games go into overtime, games end on a last second FG or hail-mary pass, and I don’t even want to touch the Seattle – Green Bay Simultaneous catch.  Week 3 is also the time where the hype machine kicks into full gear.  There are three 3-0 teams at this point: Houston, Arizona, and Atlanta… one of these things is not like the other.  You also have the Saints at 0-3… Who Dat?  Yes, the Saints are 0-3… I guess they really do need a head coach after all.  And the Raiders are the fourth best in the league in penalties at 4.7 per game… not fourth worst… forth best!  Some of these items matter to fantasy football and others don’t and since that is what you came here for, let’s get down to business.  Here are your fantasy football, Heroes & Zeros… the players of the week:

Week 3- Results



QB Ben Roethlisberger Philip Rivers
Joe Flacco Tony Romo
RB 1 Jamaal Charles Chris Johnson
Andre Brown Mark Ingram
RB 2 MJD Beanie Wells
Mikel LeShoure Steven Jackson
WR 1 Torrey Smith Demaryius Thomas
AJ Green Jordy Nelson
WR 2 Calvin Johnson Sidney Rice
Larry Fitzgerald Vincent Jackson
TE Heath Miller Rob Gronkowski
Kyle Rudolph Jason Witten
DEF Arizona Philly
Chicago San Francisco

Week 4 Projections


QB Aaron Rodgers
Matt Ryan
RB 1 Arian Foster
Ray Rice
Doug Martin
WR 1 Calvin Johnson
Greg Jennings
WR 2 Julio Jones
Hakeem Nicks
TE Jimmy Graham
Dennis Pitta
DEF Atlanta