CSUN Matadors_floor design 2014

Uni-Forum: College Basketball Uniforms 2014-15

Paul Lukas on Uni-watch assembled a plethora of college basketball uniform changes and court designs over on ESPN here.  Here are some of the standouts… good and bad.

College Basketball Uniforms 2014-15.

Georgetown Hoyas_black uniforms

I have always loved the Hoya uniforms going back to Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, etc.  This black set by Jordan looks great and the Georgetown “pattern” covering the entire uniform works for me.

Kansas Jayhawks basketball uniforms_2014

I think this set from Kansas looks classic.  Although, I wish they would have kept the diagonal direction of the Jayhawk script on the white set.

Louisville Cardinals_basketball uniforms 2014

The horizontal stripe around the waist area of the shorts sounds good in theory but rarely is executed well.  Louisville needs to scrap this as it looks like a weight belt or cumberbun.

Tulsa_basketball uniforms

The cursive script has been a big part of Tulsa’s brand identity but it is being replaced on their new uniform set in 2014-15.  I don’t hate the new typeface but is it worth ditching the traditional cursive?

UCONN Huskies_basketball uniforms 2014 white

Yes, yes, yes!!  I love the look to days of past.  UCONN basketball uniforms are a top 10 set year in and year out in my book so I’m excited to see them bring back this classic look.  Very nice!

University of Utah_basketball uniforms 2014

The shorts of this Utah Ute set is what caught my eye.  The Utes started to use the “mountain” graphic on their football unis and has been a good look for them so why not bring it to hoops.

BYU Cougars_basketball uniforms 2014

Not a huge change here for BYU but they decided to curve “Brigham” instead of keep it parallel with “Young”.  I prefer the set from last year for these Cougars but the new version isn’t terrible.

Dayton Flyers_basketball uniforms 2014

This change is a positive one for the Dayton Flyers.  I’m a fan of the minimalist look and getting rid of the blue drop shadow and the streak across the top of “Dayton”.  The shorts are a plus as well with the new Flyer logo on the side panel.

Kentucky Wildcats_basketball uniforms 2014 back graphic

The Kentucky Wildcats is bringing the checkerboard graphic back on the shorts this year along with the state outline and “Kentucky” graphics on the back panel.  Although, these graphics appear to go down a long way so I’m not sure how this will look tucked in.

Louisville Cardinals_basketball uniforms 2014 camo

This set for the Louisville Cardinal is an alternate created for the Armed Forces Classic on November 14th.  I do like the blue hits on this set and they look even better with the D-Rose low kicks.  The camo isn’t overstated which is a good move but I’ll tune in to see how these actually look on the court.


College Basketball Floor/Court Designs:


CSUN Matadors_floor design 2014

I love the “grey” theme of the Cal State Northridge basketball court.  I don’t think they will keep the white velvet rope but I’m a sucker for black, red, white, and grey combos and they pulled this off.  I’m anxious to see how this looks on TV.

FloridaState_basketball floor 2014

A clean and well executed look from the Florida State Seminoles.

ncstate wolfpack court

Don’t worry guys… I’m still a Tar Heel fan but again… red, black identies get my attention and I like the wolf logo being utilized front and center at mid-court.  I don’t care for the interlocking NC State logos in the arc… maybe just one would have looked better.  I mean the fans need something nice to look at when the team is losing right?

Northern Illinois Huskies_basketball court 2014

The Northern Illinois Huskies are pulling off the black court with a light 3 pt area.  The red trim around the court looks nice as well.

Xavier_basketball floor court A trend for court designs seems to be to show your city’s skyline.  The jury is out for me on this idea.  I’m sure it means something for the locals but if it isn’t a highly recognizable skyline, should it be used?  I’m also not sure how I feel about the imbalance of the court design since it isn’t on both sides of the floor.

Washington Huskies_basketball court floor

Another “skyline” floor design for the Washington Huskies.  At least this one contains the recognizable space needle.
Long Beach State_basketball floor court

This follows a similar thread as the skyline but what should that look like for Long Beach?  How about palm trees?  At least they extend across the entire floor to bring balance to the design.  But you almost don’t see the word “Beach” front and center at mid-court… awesome.