BYU Blackout!

Where did this come from?  BYU has been trying to be more creative lately but this is the complete opposite of creativity.  They have asked fans to wear white for a “white-out” and then for another game they asked them to wear blue or white, depending on their section, and now they are planning a black-out for when Oregon State comes to town.  Never mind that black is one of Oregon State’s primary colors and nowhere to be seen on BYU’s color palette… it makes perfect sense.

Even the execution of the uniforms are awful.  I would much rather see the Royal Blue throwbacks or some funky pro-combat re-design.  I’m glad they are making an effort to mix things up but in my book, this just doesn’t make sense.

Here is the official press release…

BYU announced Monday the home football game versus Oregon State on Saturday, Oct. 13, will be a blackout — on the field and in the stands, not the television broadcast.

For the first time in the modern era the Cougars will wear a black uniform, specially created by Nike. Fans are being encouraged to support the team by wearing black to the game that will air regionally on ABC at 1:30 pm MT (3:30 pm ET).

“The uniform was designed to have the same striping and maintain an element of tradition, while also creating a fun atmosphere for the team and the fans,” said BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall. “Our plan is to wear the uniforms for this one game.”

The Athletic Department plans to sell the uniforms with proceeds going back into the football program. The uniforms will first be offered to members of the Cougar Club, followed by the general public if some are still available. [ EDIT: because they are hideous, I’m sure some will still be available]

In addition, the BYU Bookstore has created a special ‘blackout’ shirt and other merchandise that is now available at the BYU Bookstore.







Rocky Mountain High

First off, congrats goes out to BYU for taking the next step in their amazing season by bumping off SDSU for the second time and clearing the last major hurdle before the conference tourney.

Two big questions tonight. First, just how high will they be ranked after beating number 4 and watching 1(Duke) and 5(Texas) lose? They have to be top 4 right?

And what happens if they win out? Would the selection committee be able to ignore their body of work? 4-0 vs the top 25 and a SOS and RPI right up there with anyone else in the top 5. Could we really see BYU get a 1 seed?

Better question, even if they do could we trust them come tourney time? BYU doesn’t exactly have a great history with the big dance and a number 1 seed, Jimmer or no Jimmer, isn’t going to get me to trust them…

Jimmer being Jimmer

Another highlight from the spectacular Jimmer Fredette out of BYU. Feelin it…

Jimmer Fredette From WAY Beyond the Arc, 30 foot 3-Pointer