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Is this the best Kobe X colorway so far?  I believe so but the verdict is out until we see the flyknit lows.

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Source: Kobe X ‘Fundamentals’ – Release Date. Nike.com


Kobe…the grandest grand that ever granded…

Oh sure, he’s not playing basketball…

Sure he is facing the reality that his career may in fact already be over and his body is broken down…

And sure the Lakers are facing their worst season since they moved from Minneapolis…

But at least Kobe is making awesome commercials for footlocker!!!

Side note: as a Laker fan I am somewhat relishing the opportunity that I have to get excited about the Draft Lottery in a way I never have before.  Frozen envelope 2.0 baby!


Who was that masked mamba?


  • Arthritic finger on shooting hand from a broken finger that never he never allowed to heal properly…check
  • Knees that required sc-fi-esque blood procedure in Germany…check
  • Torn ligaments in wrist that cause hand to swell up like a boxing glove…check
  • Broken nose from dirty foul by Dwayne Wade in the All-Star game and now have to wear plastic mask…check
  • Minor concussion symptoms from said attack…check
  • Lingering neck pain that causes you to get multiple massage treatments during the course of a game…check
  • Not missing a single game from any of that…check
  • Not caring about any of it because you are the black freakin mamba and going off against the T-Wolves for 31 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists?

Well that’s just what Kobe Bryant does.  Love him or hate him, Kobe has got to be one of the toughest guys in the NBA and not only does he play hurt, he plays well hurt.  Big difference.  Normally a guy with as many NBA and international minutes on his legs as Kobe has would be fading, and we all expected that from Kobe but he is a freak of nature so who knows how long he can keep this up.

So this is how it all ends…

I’ve been saying all season that I have serious concerns about this Lakers team. They aren’t playing together, not getting enough from the point guard position, Bynum is afraid to get hit at the knees so he has to play with hesitancy, Gasol & Artest are too inconsistent game to game, and Kobe is finally looking like a guy who has played in close to 50,000 NBA minutes…

It felt like at any point in time it could all come crashing down on the champs but I never saw them loosing a series to these Mavericks. It was supposed to come against one of the young upstarts, Durant or Rose or maybe Lebron and Wade. Worst case scenario the gritty Celtics might battle against them for one last ring, not against the Mavericks in the second round though. Not like this…

The proverbial switch has been flipped on and off so many times now that it has a short and in the third and fourth quarter of game 1 there was no life left. After game 1 of the Dallas series its not just the fans who are concerned. The Black Mamba himself knows that Dallas can beat them. I hope that’s just a motivation tactic to get his team to man up against these Mavericks.

On the plus side, you just know Stern wants a Lakers vs Heat/Bulls/Celtics finals…

And what Stern wants Stern gets right?

Hall of Game

Many athletes are in the Hall of Fame…but how many are in the Hall of Game?

Well not many considering that the “Hall of Game” is apparently some new awards show on Cartoon Network (?!?! How long before Cartoon Network changes their name to something like CN since they want to air more then cartoons?) but the first ever recipient of the “King of the Court” Hall of Game award is…


Yet one more feather in the cap for the Black Mamba…

Moment of Mamba!

I had so much fun posting stuff about Kobe over all star weekend that I thought I would keep it continue!  Check out this video of Kobe filming a sprite commercial with Asian Pop Sensation Jay Chou:

Its good to know they use Autotune over in China too!

Kobe VI

Dunno if these are legit or fakes, either way they should give us a very good idea of what the upcoming Kobe VI will look like for the upcoming season: