Avengers Assemble

So, anywho…

In honor of leap day…or something rather…we have been lucky enough to have a new Avengers trailer bestowed upon us…and what a trailer it is

Lets see…I could of sworn it was here somewhere…oh yes there it is…I dropped my jaw on the floor see?

Seriously though the first time I watched that trailer I got chills…and then on the second, third and fourth viewings also. This trailer just changed my opinion from want to see to “Oh yes I will be dragging my 7 month pregnant wife to the first showing of this on May 4th” and I haven’t wanted to see a movie that bad in a long long time.

Super Cool Movie Trailer Trio part 3

I’m going to do something I never thought I would do on this site…quote Vanessa Williams and sing “you went and saved the best for last!”

Okay so yeah this is awesome.

My only fear here…and this is just because the movie can’t possibly be as cool as it looks…gotta keep expectations in check…is that there will just be too much going on in this movie and it will be a convoluted mess.  Oh and I don’t like Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury, is that just me?

Avengers Assemble

So the Licensing International Expo kicks off in Las Vegas this week and thats notable only because several, extremely early, rough marketing promo posters make their waaaay too early debuts.  Of course being the age of the internet the show hasn’t even started yet and already images are leaking online.  Of particular note to movie/comic nerds everywhere is the first poster of the Avengers:

Whew where to start…

  • Its safe to assume for merchandising purposes that Iron Man will sport slight variations to his armor at least a couple of times in every movie he is in.  That seems to be backed up with this image that features a return to the circle chest glowy thing and a spattering of silver bits throughout the shoulders.
  • If you squint Hawkeye (the dude with the bow and arrows) looks a bit like Breckin Meyer or is that just me?
  • This poster was obviously designed by Rob Liefield, 6 characters and only two feet are showing.  Okay make that two and a half, there is a tiny bit of Iron Toe showing.  Of particular bad note is Thor whose feet just disappear through some magic portal in Iron Man’s hand/foot back to Narnia, Asgaard, Never Never Land or whatever fantasy world they came from.
  • Speaking of Thor, I haven’t seen the movie yet but is it common for his hammer to turn Smurfy when struck by lightning?  Smurfin Smurf of Thunder indees.  Thor is the one thing that seems really off for a movie adaptation of this team.  Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye are all very much grounded in reality.  So to is Captain America to a lesser extend.  Hulk is forgivable because he’s CGI but Thor?  Just feels really out of place.
  • I have to say Captain America’s modern costume is not too bad all things considered.
  • 4 of these characters can’t fly, three if you count the fact that Hulk can jump really really far.  I can forgive Captain America and Black Widow because they at least look all actiony like they jumped out of a plane or something, but Hawkeye looks like he’s just hanging out squatting on Captain America’s back or maybe Hulks knee…

Overall its not a bad first take on the Avengers but I’ll continue with my reservations.  I’ve feared this movie all along because of my reality take above.  The Avengers seems like such a fantasy concept to rope together with the very much based in reality Iron Man movies (and what looks to be very based in reality Captain America).  I hear Thor was a great movie don’t get me wrong, will just be interesting to see how they bring this all together.