Seven’s Favorites

To give you a better idea of who we are at and why we are the people that we are, I have listed a few of my favorite things that have been and are currently an influence in my life.

All-Time 2012 2005 2000 1995 Childhood
NBA Kobe Old Man Kobe Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Shawn Kemp & Penny Wilkins, Robinson, Magic, Kemp & Payton.
MLB Derek Jeter Jeter A-Rod Jeter, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera Frank Thomas Mattingly, Canseco, Ozzie Smith
NFL Peyton Manning Drew Brees Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James Emmit Smith, Herman Moore Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, Jerry Rice
Video Game Final Fantasy Skyrim, Portal 2, NBA 2k12 Resident Evil 4, Civ IV, Gran Turismo 4 Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Cross, Tony Hawk 2 Chrono Trigger Baseball Stars, Final Fantasy (All), Street Fighter II, Zelda: Link to the past, Mega Man, Mario 3
TV Seinfeld Community, Happy Endings, Modern Family, The IT Crowd Lost, Arrested Development, Friends, That 70’s Show Seinfeld, Lois & Clark Saved By The Bell
Music Wu Tang Clan, Tribe Called Quest Metric, Adele Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, B.E.P., Usher Jay Z, N Sync GZA, Raekwon, Method Man Michael Jackson, New Edition, Poison
Kicks Jordan VI Kobe VII Zoom Kobe, Zoom Flight Turbine, And 1 Tochillin SHOX Jordan XI Jordan VI
Movie Star Wars X-Men, Thor, Captain America, Harry Potter, Batman Begins X-Men Batman Forever Star Wars, Breakin
Wrestler HBK Cena HBK The Rock Shawn Michaels Randy Savage