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If you are in B2B sales and deal with “procurement”, this video will provide you with some comic relief…

Nike – I Would Run To You



Nike, it is stuff like this that makes it so hard to quit you.  As I stated many times before, Nike has me brand whipped.  We are talking Doug Christie type of whipped.  This week they launched the Nike Free campaign and short film, “I Would Run To You”.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a minute to watch it now… go on… I’ll wait.

Awesome… right?!  The main reason I dig this so much is probably because I can relate to it.  My wife is a big-time runner and I’m much like the guy in the video… good intentions to start running long distances but as soon as I do, I remember how ill it makes me.  The tune is also catchy, funny, and let’s face it… romantic.  Probably the most important thing to Nike is that I actually want to buy these shoes for me and my wife after watching this.  Well done Nike but I wouldn’t expect anything else.  Here is some additional info on the campaign from Nikeinc.com:

Love makes people do crazy things–like run across the country. And sing while they’re doing it.

Premiering globally on April 4, the latest Nike Free spot, titled “I Would Run To You,” is a story of how running reunites a long distance couple, thanks to the help of the Nike Free Run+ 3.

“I Would Run to You” features a sometimes comical couple separated by a continent — she lives in California, he lives in New York — who decide to run to see the other. Along the way, cameos appear from model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and skateboarder Theotis Beasley.

The short film was inspired by the idea that a strong runner can sing while running. The spot kicks off a social media campaign that will challenge runners to test their strength by singing to a special “Nike Free Running Karaoke” mix that debuts next week. It features the original song “I Would Run to You,” which can be downloaded by using the Shazam app on the film.

The Nike Free Run+3 is part of a collection of Nike Free shoes hitting stores this week and includes Running, Women’s Training and Athletic Training footwear. Nike Free technology emulates natural motion by allowing the shoe to move with the body. Training in Nike Free footwear can help improve foot strength and flexibility, and balance.

“I Would Run to You” Lyrics:

Woman: You’re so far away.
Man: You’re so far away.
W: Ain’t got too much pride.
M: Want you back by my side.
W: Well baby I want that too.
M: And baby I would run, run to you.

W: I would run to you.
M: I would run to you.

W: The first time you talked to me.
M: I knew we were meant to be.
W: And when we finally embraced.
M: Baby, I can’t keep this pace.
W: I love you. There I said it.
M: I think I’m gonna need a medic.
W: You filled the hall with flower petals.
M: Why does my mouth taste like metal?
W: Baby I might die without you.
M: Baby, I might die.

W: I would run to you.
M: I’m not as strong as you.
W: I would run to you.
M: I (unintelligible heavy breathing) to you.

W: Love is a speeding comet.
M: I’m in a pool of my own vomit.
W: Love is a perfect vision.
M: This was such a bad decision.
W: Love makes everything serene.
M: Give me all of your morphine.

M: (Spoken)
Baby, I know we said we’d run across the country to be together, but I thought we were being symbolic. Why can’t we fly, and meet somewhere in the middle? Like Kansas City? It’s the Paris of the Plains…

W: Baby I love you so much that I would run to you.
M: You would run to me? You would run to me!
W: Baby I love you so much that I would run to you.

Together: I (you) would run to you (me).


The Florida Marlins…err Miami…err say what now?!?!

(Editors Note – Showtime must be doing some funky retro posting, I just saw he stole my thunder on this with a post on the 12th only I’m fairly sure that post wasn’t there an hour ago…maybe its just the cold medicine.  Sorry for the double news!  Never had to say that on Droppin.com before…)

I just stumbled upon the news that the Florida Marlins are getting a new ballpark in 2012 and to commemorate the move they are committing to the city of Miami and  re-branding themselves as the Miami Marlins…

Oh and with that re-branding comes…

Thats right folks, new colors, logos, jerseys, hats…the whole shebang…


Well first off, I don’t think this is going to help with the stereotype regarding drugs and Miami because you would have to be coked out of your mind to come up with that color scheme.  Yes the palate is a little hard on the eyes for sure but I get it.  You want to catch some of that delightful “art deco” Miami style that isn’t at all cliched and it helps capture all the  Dolphin fans.  Hey anytime you can work an orange jersey and hat into your wardrobe you gotta jump on that right?  I just hope its not to late to bust in some orange pants for the worlds first ORANGE OUT!!!

Here is a little buzz speak from the firm that handled the redesign:

“The new primary mark features a sleek, iconic marlin image swirling around an art-deco influenced M – a symbol for both the city name as well as its nickname. A new color palette has been selected with input from season ticket holders and fans of the team. The teal has been replaced with the colors of Miami – Ocean Blue, Sun Yellow and Red-Orange.

A distinguishing feature of the new uniform presentation is presence the word MIAMI arching across the front of both the white home and light gray road uniforms. This is the first time in modern Major League Baseball history that the city name appears on the front of a home jersey and illustrates the franchises commitment to it’s new city and “The Gateway to the Americas”.”

So the Florida Marlins season tickets holders, all 12 of them, voted for these “colors of Miami”?  That’s a little hard to believe.  Not only that but they have to put Miami on the home jerseys so everyone doesn’t forget where they are at.  Thats to be expected though, what with the run at every free agent on the market the Marlins are going for this off season, they are bound to forget where they are playing.

But fear not loyal Miami sports fan…our transition isn’t stopping here.  The new stadium will feature awesome things like:

A retractable roof…


Sweet, sweet fishtanks (yes 2x the sweet) behind home plate so little Jimmy with the front row seats has something to do during those long boring MLB games…

Oh and when one of your Miami Marlins goes yard in the new park…THIS HAPPENS!!!!




But it can’t stop, it won’t stop…it is the 2012 Miami Marlins baybee!!!

Hey anytime you can combine the glitz and glamor of Vegas with the pageantry of Sea World at an MLB game…well full steam ahead sez I!  Add it all up and I think I finally understand what Will Smith was rapping about!

(sorry I realize I probably should have warned you before you scrolled down to that image and truly apologize for any damage it did however if I had warned you I think it would have lost its epicness don’t you agree?)

On a side note at least they had the balls to go through with a full re-branding…unlike a certain horrible NBA franchise in Utah who thought it was a good idea to dust off old logos and do a horrible palate swap to try and capitalize on a hot selling alternate jersey…

(Oh and one last thing, I dare somebody…anybody (you hear me crispy creamers?) to re-brand the Miami Heat with these colors so that every Miami sports team will feature Orange and Blue.  Those are the colors of Miami after all!)

Air Jordan 2011

A little late on the news here but for everyone who doesn’t frequent shoe message boards, here is a picture of the upcoming Air Jordan 2011 which is technically the Jordan XXVI “signature” shoe:

Thanks to 0sneaker.com for the pic.  It definitely looks like they are grasping at straws to try and recreate the XI with this shoe but it looks like more of a takedown or team version of that rather then the heir to the Jordan signature line.  Overall I do like the shoe, just not sure it will be worth the assumed $175+ price point that Jordan brand seems to think their signature shoe is worth each year.

Dwayne Wade technically unveiled these during the Christmas Day game VS the Lakers but Jordan typically “officially” releases their signature shoe each year around the allstar break so I would expect the same here.