2013 Fantasy Football Awards


The 2013 fantasy football season is in the books and it has been an interesting one.  Full of injuries, big trades, falls from grace, and unexpected showings from new faces.  For the most part, if you drafted some of the Donkeys on your squad, you received a big boost.  On the other hand, many of the top running backs fell to injury and devastated many owners who spent top picks just to scan the waiver wire week after week.  Other teams like the Falcons and Ravens sorely disappointed owners across the board and then you have your ever ready players like Drew Brees, LeSean McCoy, and Brandon Marshall that lived up to their billing.

So, without further ado, here are your 2013 Fantasy Football Awards:

1 Peyton Manning Jamaal Charles Calvin Johnson Jimmy Graham
2 Drew Brees LeSean McCoy Josh Gordon Julius Thomas
3 Cam Newton Matt Forte Brandon Marshall Vernon Davis


1 Aaron Rodgers Doug Martin Roddy White Rob Gronkowski
2 Michael Vick CJ Spiller Danny Amendola Jermichael Finley
3 Josh Freeman Ray Rice Dwayne Bowe Fred Davis
Arian Foster Hakeem Nicks
Trent Richardson


1 Andy Dalton Knowshon Moreno Josh Gordon Julius Thomas
2 Philip Rivers Fred Jackson Alshon Jeffrey Jordan Cameron
3 Alex Smith Joique Bell Keenan Allen Charles Clay
Ryan Tannehill Zac Stacy Julian Edelman

Fantasy Football Players of the Year 2011

Another fantasy football season is in the books.  Seven and I continued our tradition of not letting any co-workers win the work league.  My team lead the league the entire season but then stumbled in the playoffs and Seven took the championship… basically a reverse scenario of last year.  Then, in our family league, I ended up taking that one over my 12yr old son in the championship game… no mercy!  My other team finished first during the regular season but also stumbled in the playoffs (similar roster as my work league) so overall it was another successful year of fantasy football for us.  Even though it is sad to see another season end, it is time to recognize those players that surprised us, impressed us, or made us pull our hair out.  It is time for the Droppin Fantasy Football Players of the Year:


  QB of the Year Drew Brees– Drew had more down games than Rodgers but I give him the edge for two reasons.  First, Drew wasn’t ranked as high as Rodgers to begin the season so in my mind he exceeded expectations.  Second, he came up big in the playoffs.  He carried my son’s team to the championship and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.  Rodgers is the reason two of my top teams ended the season without the trophy.  Maybe a little sour grapes there.
Biggest surprise: Cam Newton – I didn’t think Cam would perform well in the NFL but apparently I underestimated his physical skills.  He still has a long way to go but those rookie numbers cannot be ignored.  Biggest disappointment: Mike Vick – I know he was dealing with injuries but many of the pre-season rankings had him going very high and he just didn’t bring it this year.  You couldn’t depend on him at all this year from a fantasy pov and given his draft rankings, you need more from that pick than he gave you.
  RB of the Year Ray Rice– Rice was on all of my draft lists but I wasn’t fortunate enough to get him on any of my teams.  I expected him to be the guy and with AP & Foster dealing with injuries this year, Ray rose to the top.  Consistency is key when looking for a RB and you will be hard pressed to find a more consistent RB than Ray Rice this year.
Biggest surprise: Marshawn Lynch – it took Seattle about 9 weeks to unleash the rainbow… I mean beast but once he got going, it was lights out.  Not to mention that you most likely picked him up off the waiver wire as he was undrafted in many leagues.  In the words of Rocky Balboa, “this is how winning is done!”Biggest disappointment: Chris Johnson – we knew about the holdout and I knew better than to take him but luckily his draft stock fell so I wasn’t counting solely on him.  We all thought things had clicked late in the season but alas, it was a mirage.  Darren McFadden is an honorable mention here – if it weren’t for his early season performances and the fact that he was injured instead of just sucking, he could have given CJ a run for his money.
  WR of the Year Calvin Johnson– Calvin did have four games where he disappeared but the way he started and finished the year was fantastic.  He scored nearly 20 pts a game for the first five and then averaged 25 for the last three weeks (14,15,16) when it counted.
Biggest surprise: Victor Cruz – this was a fun category this year.  You had receivers like Wes Welker who bounced back in a big way.  Greg Jennings was a stud as expected until his injury and then you also can’t forget Jordy Nelson’s rise.  You even saw AJ Green step up big for the Bengals and Laurent Robinson step in for the Cowboys (more on the other Boys WR in a moment).  WR were a very important part of the fantasy scene this year and it was fun to watch it all unfold.  The emergence of Victor Cruz at first was only seen as a fill in for Nicks and Manningham when they were injured but he quickly proved that he is a big play threat and had 6 games near the 20 pt mark.Biggest disappointment: This is a tie between DeSean Jackson, Dez Bryant (I’m excusing Miles Austin & Andre Johnson because of his injuries).  The Eagles all around were disappointments so not much more needs to be said about DeSean.  Dez has all the skills to dominate but hasn’t yet put it all together and is too up and down – I didn’t have him this year but he must have driven fantasy owners crazy.
  TE of the Year Rob Gronkowski – Rob disappeared during the playoffs and Jimmy Graham was more consistent but Gronk was unbelievable at times this year.  He had about 7 games around the 20 pt mark and at TE, especially where he was drafted, you got to give it to him.