jimmy fallon saved by the bell

Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with “Saved By The Bell” Cast

While in L.A., Jimmy reminisces about his time at Bayside High with the gang from “Saved By The Bell.”

Complete with classic scenes of Slater dancing, Zach’s cell phone, and Jessie getting “So Excited!”  A unique combination of awesomeness and curiosity to see the gang again.  Too bad Screech and Lisa didn’t participate.

Joel McHale… Football Jock?

This is not a shot of an upcoming episode of Community (coming to Yahoo Screen in 2015) but a real live photo of Joel McHale dressed in his Washington Husky football uniform.  This isn’t new news but I was pleasantly surprised to learn this tidbit of info while watching the Rich Eisen show (Joel was a guest host).  Below are his comments from an ESPN interview which gives some additional insight into this alternate universe… enjoy.

joel mchale football university of washington


Joel McHale: I had been recruited to row at the University of Washington and I only played one year of football in high school. I got into a fight with the crew team over not pushing in a chair properly. They have all these rules I never figured out. The freshmen shave their hair and eyebrows off and throw all that hair into a pillow. They have a whole display case full of hair pillows from over the years, which is a wonderful thing to look at. This friend of mine, we’re surrounded by [the crew team] and got into a fight. That was pretty much the end of that.

McHale: I really didn’t know what I was doing. It was not smart. It was one of those things where I didn’t know how long I could do this for. And then I turn around and all of a sudden, six months had gone by. I had gained a bunch of weight, I was in much better shape and I was really enjoying it.

McHale: The university had a healthy walk-on program because Don James, the coach, felt like you create the competition that will push the scholarship players to work harder. As a walk-on, you’re friends with the other guys — but you don’t have a scholarship so you kind of felt like you were members of the Dirty Dozen or the Bad News Bears.

McHale: I was very good at making the defense look good when I was on scout offense. I knew how to crumple really well and get tackled.

McHale: What happened was: You’re running the plays for the other team. If the play is successful, you run it again. The first time we ran it, the ball was thrown my way, I caught it and Dave Hoffmann leveled me. Then you hear, “We’re doing it again.” The wind has been knocked out of me and has not come back yet. We run this play again. I catch the ball — same thing, Dave levels me. So I got the wind knocked out of me twice. And then they wanted to run the play a third time, I don’t know why. I look up and I can’t breathe. I look at Dave and he’s looking at me and says, “You’re okay.” I just basically ran off the field.

I started in January of 1992 and left in August of ’93. There’s a side of me that would have loved to play. The time spent there I felt was very precious and I learned a ton. I was doing school, I was doing football and I was doing theater and those days really taught me about work ethic and what you have to do: You have to work really hard at the thing you love doing to be able to do it.


Community Chest 01:04

Season 1: Episode 4 ”Social Psychology”


Wow, its almost been a year since I have done one of these.  Well thankfully I’m not here to talk about the past!

The…uh…backbone (I use that term loosely) of this episode has to do with Jeff and Shirley’s relationship or rather lack thereof as Jeff cannot carry on a conversation with Shirley longer than 5 seconds and thus avoids conversations with her outside of the group. This is of course because Jeff’s gold medal in jibber jabber is based on his ability to sprint, not carry on long conversations with her.

But never fear, Vaughn to the rescue! That’s right, our favorite shirtless, neo-hippie (played by Eric Christian Olsen, Hi Hello How are you?) makes his first appearance as a potential love interest for Brita and foil du jour for Jeff. Jeff resorts to witty attack humor on Vaughn which suddenly gives him common ground with Shirley.

Jeff catches Britta making out in the quad (like high school students, foreshadowing the show eventually admitting that the tropes of high school life are easier to write comedy for, hello I’m looking at you lockers) which puts him in an awkward spot with Britta. He wants to be a good friend to Britta so he decides he can no longer make fun of Vaughn (tiny nipples) but Shirley (The Christian) decides to play the devil and keeps egging Jeff on.

Britta, trusting of her new platonic relationship with Jeff, shares that Vaughn is too relationshippy and gives Jeff a poem. Jeff shares said poem with Shirley and the proverbial poetic poop hits the fan. Britta and Vaughn find out, because this is a sitcom after all, and Vaughn blames it on Britta and hits the road explaining it as the least tight thing that has ever happened to him.

Shirley throws Jeff under the bus and Jeff realizes that his life is Degrassi Jr High. The two of them realize that they can no longer rag on people and thats the end of their relationship.  I of course may have missed the point there.

Jeff then does what I guess is the Jeff Winger speech of the episode by blaming the whole thing on Britta treating him too much like “one of the girls” which she buys and forgives him, presumably because there wasn’t enough time left in the episode to get to a real conclusion.

Meanwhile, Professor Duncan pops up again as Annie is looking to join a Psych experiment he is running based on the Duncan principal (The more control lost by the ego the more gained by the id resulting in a surprisingly predictable or breaking point). This requires her to find two victims to participate and she decides to use Troy and Abed.

The experiment requires putting the victims in a room and making them wait for said experiment which is the experiment. Hilarity ensues as one by one the participants drop out until its just Troy and Abed remaining.

Troy breaks and has somehow loses the use of his legs. Abed of course is Abed so he never breaks (making it 26 hours) but Duncan does followed by Annie (validating the principal?). Annie takes it out on Abed and asks him why he didn’t leave and he says its because Annie said they were really good friends making her realize what she had done and…well I’m giving this sub plot too much attention here. It really just serves to show that these guys are getting closer to the eventual family they would become.

Even the bumper is forgettable in this episode (“other than Troy busting out “I’m Doctor Doogie Seacrest”) which tried hard but is sadly lacking in the funny and the story.  This is our first big whiff of the show with 4 cool cool cools out of 10.



Vaughn – “No worries”

Jeff – “Interesting, because I might be worried if I was playing hackey sack a decade too late.


Duncan – “Okay I’ve actually been in this situation many times to I’m just going to be upfront. I’m not allowed to date any students.”

Annie – “Oh”

Duncan – “Even though your an 8. Which is a British 10. I am angry.”


Annie – “Please? You get paid”

Troy – “Do they do stuff to your butt?”

Annie – (disgustedly) “No.”

Troy – “ Do you get paid more if they do stuff to your butt?”

Annie – (sadly) “No.”

Troy – “That’s fine I’ll do it. I’m in.


Abed to Annie – “I didn’t realize we were really good friends. I figured we were more like Chandler and Phoebe, they never really had stories together…sure I’ll do it Chandler.”


Vaughn – “Hey your not going to order coffee?”

Jeff – “ Oh no I was just going to see if Britta…”

Vaughn – “ Hey no judgment bro I used to do coffee. Then I switched to green tea. Its like filled with these anti-oxidants and stuff. Its pretty tight.

Jeff – “Tight, yes I’ve heard that about green tea.”


Shirley – “Do you see how often Hackey Sack takes his shirt off? He’d play shirts and skins in a game of checkers.”


Shirley – “They call me Tatelina. It’s a bumblebee nickname. Its cute…but it stings.”


GI Jeff Community Promo Images

GI Jeff?!?!

Okay so now I live in a world where this is a real thing….


GI Jeff Community Promo Images

I’m seven shades of confused right now (which I suppose is apropos) as an epic internal geek out battle between my 7 year old self and my 30 something self are trying to determine who is more geeked that the picture above is a real thing.  A real episode of community based on the GI Joe animated cartoon.  I mean how fricken obscure are we trying to make this show that we are basing episodes on a cartoon from nearly 30 years ago?

Not that I’m complaining, I just simply don’t know how to process this.

From EW.com:

“Given that knowing is half the battle, it’s about time you received more intel aboutCommunity‘s animated episode. Airing April 3, “G.I. Jeff” pays tribute to the ’80s animated series G.I. Joe, and you can take your first peek at the Study Group reimagined as figures of action in the photos above and below: There’s Jeff (Joel McHale) as Wingman (yes, he has a backpack with wings), Annie (Alison Brie) as Tight Ship, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) as Buzzkill, and Shirley as Three Kids.”

This is like some random dream mash up that I had but is actually a real thing.  What is left for this show?

Noticeable by his absence in the article of course is everyone’s favorite mental patient to be Abed.  He’s emotionally detached, can’t relate to people…I’m thinking Snake Eyes is the best fit for him!

And yes I know the characters listed aren’t exactly lining up with true Joe/Cobra counterparts but lets do the rest of the main cast.  Maybe Hickey can be Hawk,  Professor Duncan can be Major Bludd or Tomax/Xamot, Chang would be Zartan, Troy (yes Troy why can’t I bring him back for my imaginary episode?)  can be Stalker…(man that wasn’t supposed to be racist I promise, but he’s friends with snake eyes and uh…likes hip hop…or something…)

I’ll be really upset if Dean Pelton doesn’t play half Destro/half Baroness…

But then who plays Cobra Commander you ask?  Who can pull off that impossible combination of power and paranoia, desired but despised, well off but whiny…Pierce Hawthorn ladies and gentlemen…


Kobe…the grandest grand that ever granded…

Oh sure, he’s not playing basketball…

Sure he is facing the reality that his career may in fact already be over and his body is broken down…

And sure the Lakers are facing their worst season since they moved from Minneapolis…

But at least Kobe is making awesome commercials for footlocker!!!

Side note: as a Laker fan I am somewhat relishing the opportunity that I have to get excited about the Draft Lottery in a way I never have before.  Frozen envelope 2.0 baby!


TV Gold… Lookwell

I recently became aware that Conan O’Brien wrote a pilot back in the 90s and  was intrigued.  Conan is one of the most talented comedy writers and so I had to check it out.  The name… Lookwell, staring Adam West.  You will not be disappointed.  Adam deserves at least an Emmy nomination for his work.  The pilot was never picked up sadly though so don’t worry about binge watching the first season.  If you are fans of Conan you will not be sorry.  Enjoy!

Some background from Wikipedia:

Lookwell was a television pilot written and produced by Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel (of SNL fame).  It starred Adam West. The pilot was broadcast on NBC in July 1991 but was not picked up as a series despite being a “personal favorite” of NBC chairman Brandon Tartikoff.  A washed-up TV action hero—who at the peak of his career was ceremonially deputized by local law enforcement—falsely believes he can solve crimes in real life.  The pilot was scrapped. O’Brien jokingly stated that when the pilot aired, it “was the second-lowest rated television show of all time. It’s tied with a test pattern they show in Nova Scotia.”

Lookwell on YouTube

vanilla ice

Ice Ice Baby as performed by approximately 2,346 Hollywood actors…

Umm you may not have realized it but until you watch the video below there is a giant sized “vanilla ice performed by movie lines supercut” sized whole in your life…

No really, your life cannot be complete unless you watch this.

Okay okay I exaggerated sorry…word to your mother!

roots clones

Random Song of the Whatever…Clones

The year was 1996 and Philadelphia based Hip Hop/Neo Soul band, The Roots, were ready to drop their third album, Illadelph Halflife.  The first single from the album was “Clones” and it sparked Illadelph Halflife to become their most successful album to that point.  They went on to follow it up with the single “What They Do” which became their first breakout hit and the video received favorable play on MTV, probably for its funny scenes of parodying hip hop video cliches of the time.

I know we all think of The Roots as Jimmy Fallon’s house band today but back in 95 I was first introduces to their music thanks to good old KRCL 90.9 FM and DJ Buz’s Friday night show “Rapp Attack”.  I would religiously record Rapp Attack (via cassette tape deck look it up boys and girls) and then play that as loud as the families 91 Chrysler Lebaron could take it (Factory speakers ain’t got no bass, am I right Showtime?)

Anywho one night I heard “The Lesson Pt 1” (see below) and I was hooked.  I picked up their second album “Do you want more ?!!!??!”, ate up every song on the album (Proceed, Distortion to Static, Mellow My Man, Lazy Afternoon, Swept Away, etc…) and became a fan for life.


Community Chest 01:03


“Intro to Film”

Episode three finds Jeff working on one of his eventual favorite pastimes, to find the ultimate blow off class to fill out his schedule.  Just why he is doing that this far into the semester is a bit of a mystery but lets not drag things down with logic here.  He settles on a class that appears to be about living in the moment taught by John Michael Higgins in an awesome guest spot that straddles the line between homage/parody of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.  Blow off class locked in end of episode you ask?  Well no.  Jeff of course finds it hard to fake seizing the day and hilarity ensues as he has to “work” at his blow off class because Professor Whitman doesn’t buy his day seizing.  At the end Jeff finally gets to seize his day and kiss Britta but she only did it as a favor to help him pass his class unbeknownst to him at the time.

Meanwhile Troy sneezes like a girl in a story that doesn’t really go anywhere but gives us a classic Troy line and serves to build Troy and Pierce’s relationship.  We also meet Abed’s dad and Britta decides to “Britta” Abed’s relationship with his dad by paying for him to take a film class against his father’s wishes.  Britta and Jeff somehow become Abed’s parents by default by apparently invoking the little known Arabic custom that if you pay for someone’s film class their parents can choose to pass along parental rights to you by default.  Abed immediately needs to film a movie because its freakin film class.  This goes as well as you would expect with Abed causing havoc for everyone as he films his movie.  Jeff breaks out the Jeff Winger speech tm to get Abed’s dad to listen to them and Abed shows his movie which he has tricked Jeff and Britta into reenacting moments from his life with his parents.  The movie serves as a touching message to his dad that conveys how he feels about his parents breaking up and it being his fault because he is weird and different.  Abed’s dad decides that if this will help him to communicate with others than its okay for Abed to keep studying film and the restraints on meta-Abed are removed for good.  To quote Annie…”Awwwww”

If you can say Community has a formula in season one then that formula is firming up by episode 3.  The formula being: Jeff tries to take the easy way out to get something he wants.  Problems arise.  He Jeff Winger speeches his way out of it to mixed results and everyone finds themselves better off even if everything didn’t go to plan. Oh and miscellaneous characters carry on misadventures and character growth in the background.

This episode ticks all the boxes, its funny, heartwarming and the story is mostly all there to build up our characters and their relationship.  To use a sports analogy, yes it was a hit but its another double instead of a Home Run.  The home runs are coming though and anyone who stayed with Community this long was about to find out just why this show is so great.  I’ll give this one 7 Annie “awwwws” out of 10.

Best Lines:

Shirley: “Isn’t Abed’s dad a hardcore Muslim? They aren’t as understanding as Christians you can get your head cut off with a salami sword.”

Annie: “Shirley that is the most racist thing I have ever heard.”

Jeff: “Pierce will beat that in one minute” (sets watch)

(Troy sneezes)

Jeff: “Hey Troy sneezes like a girl”

Troy: “How about I pound you like a boy, that didn’t come out right.”

Shirley: “Why don’t you all just leave him alone with his cute little baby sneezes.”

Troy: “You’re not my mother.”

Pierce: “She’s not?”

Jeff: (Stops watch) “29 seconds.”


Professor Whitman: “Everyone stand on your desks. Up Up Up! Rise above the programming. All of your lives you have been told not to stand on your desks. Well why not?”

(Desk collapses and a student falls)

Professor Whitman: “Shes okay, go to the nurse…seize the day…”


Professor Whitman: “Well glad to hear it because if you don’t genuinely seize the day before the end of the week you will seize an F for the semester.”



Brita: “Raising him means letting him follow his dreams.”

Abed’s Dad: “Dreams are for sleeping.”

Brita: “You don’t know that.”

Abed’s Dad: “Its clinically proven!”

Brita: “So’s polio.”

Abed’s Dad: “YOU LOST ME!”


Community Chest 01:02



SEASON 02: EPISODE 02 – “Spanish 101”

Its time to meet Senor Chang as our group gets their first (that we see) team Spanish assignment which I guess is reason enough to call it Spanish 101. Partners are randomly assigned so of course Jeff trades with Abed (at the cost of his shirt which in a funny sight gag puts Jeff in Abeds smaller shirt) so he can partner with Britta but Britta changed with Pierce who paid her $100 to switch because he wants to be friends with Jeff for some reason.   Britta said it was something about being part of a family after wasting away his life or something.  How Pierce knew anything about Jeff trading with Abed is beyond me.  I’m thinking perhaps Pierce actually wanted to spend time with Abed.  I guess if we are calling that into question we need to know how both Jeff and Pierce knew what other pieces were “randomly” placed under which desk so they knew who to switch with in the first place.  Suspension of disbelief I guess…

Anywho akwardness ensues as Pierce drags out the assignment as an excuse to spend time with Jeff.  Jeff puts up with it for five minutes, gets frustrated and walks out on Pierce because he is still vying for Britta first and foremost.  Pierce returns the favor by ruining Jeff’s romantic protest moment with Brita before being lit on fire and falling into a fountain under the influence of “Hemingway’s lemonade”.

Jeff sucks up his pride (to impress Britta of course, that was the only motivation in these early episodes) and gives us a very brief speech which I guess qualifies as this episodes “Jeff Winger speech” before launching into a montage of crazy costumes and pretend play acting set to Aimee Mann’s haunting “Wise Up” that is Jeff and Pierce’s conversations in Spanish class.

The montage is a masterpiece by the way.  It would be interesting to know if the writers actually had a story in their heads for these scenes that tied it all together or it was just to put together as many random ideas as possible.

Senior Chang is so impressed that he gives them an F and F minus (not sure who got the minus but I’m going with Pierce.  Other than that they live happily ever after and Brita is impressed that Jeff would do such a selfless act for Pierce but no longer sees Jeff as a sexual object after hinting at something extremely offensive that occurred during the presentation.  She of course looks back when walking off and that gives Jeff all the ammo he needs to continue his pursuit for another day.   The end.

In the background Annie and Shirley decide to get political and protest reporters getting killed in Guatemala.  Not a great story but it gives Annie and Shirley a chance to start playing into their characters and Britta gets her first opportunity to “Britta” something throwing a wet blanket on the rally before realizing that she is all talk and no action.

We also get our first glimpses of Troy and Abed teaming up as someone must of suddenly realized how great Donald Glover and Danny Pudi play off of each other.

We wrap things up with the epic Spanish Rap bumper (Have I mentioned I hate people who disable embedding on youtube videos?  You are putting it up on youtube, its a little late to be protective over your content at that point isn’t it?  especially content that doesn’t even belong to you.  I digress.)  as Troy and Abed take a firm grasp of their hold over the majority of the bumper scenes which serve to cement their sometimes creepy relationship.

Good moments but not a complete offering from beginning to end.  I’ll go another 6 Abed TV show references out of 10.

Best Lines:

Jeff: “You know what today is? Its the two week anniversary of my horrible first impression.”

Britta: “Theres a card for that?”

Jeff: “Well not specifically but if you think of Grandsons as a metaphor for friendship I think you’ll agree with this transformer here that its time for ours to become a man, by reading from the Torah.”


Britta: “You’re cute but selfish and narcissistic to the point of near delusion.”

Jeff: “She said I was cute.”


Annie: “We can have a candlelight vigil like lesbians have on the news!”

Shirley: “I can make brownies!”


Chang: “In espanol my nickname is EL TIGRE CHINO because my knowledge will bite her face off. So don’t question Senor Chang, or you’ll get bit, ya bit, YA BIT! Friday manana, we’ll be having conversations with the rest of the class…”


Pierce: “Its called hyperverility, apparently my sperm shoot through the eggs like bullets. Can you believe that?”

Jeff: “I can’t but you do so thats fine.”


Jeff:  “The woman I kinda like is out there in the moonlight caring about something stupid and this is my chance to show her that I care enough to act like I care about it too!”