jimmy fallon saved by the bell

Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with “Saved By The Bell” Cast

While in L.A., Jimmy reminisces about his time at Bayside High with the gang from “Saved By The Bell.”

Complete with classic scenes of Slater dancing, Zach’s cell phone, and Jessie getting “So Excited!”  A unique combination of awesomeness and curiosity to see the gang again.  Too bad Screech and Lisa didn’t participate.

Joel McHale… Football Jock?

This is not a shot of an upcoming episode of Community (coming to Yahoo Screen in 2015) but a real live photo of Joel McHale dressed in his Washington Husky football uniform.  This isn’t new news but I was pleasantly surprised to learn this tidbit of info while watching the Rich Eisen show (Joel was a guest host).  Below are his comments from an ESPN interview which gives some additional insight into this alternate universe… enjoy.

joel mchale football university of washington


Joel McHale: I had been recruited to row at the University of Washington and I only played one year of football in high school. I got into a fight with the crew team over not pushing in a chair properly. They have all these rules I never figured out. The freshmen shave their hair and eyebrows off and throw all that hair into a pillow. They have a whole display case full of hair pillows from over the years, which is a wonderful thing to look at. This friend of mine, we’re surrounded by [the crew team] and got into a fight. That was pretty much the end of that.

McHale: I really didn’t know what I was doing. It was not smart. It was one of those things where I didn’t know how long I could do this for. And then I turn around and all of a sudden, six months had gone by. I had gained a bunch of weight, I was in much better shape and I was really enjoying it.

McHale: The university had a healthy walk-on program because Don James, the coach, felt like you create the competition that will push the scholarship players to work harder. As a walk-on, you’re friends with the other guys — but you don’t have a scholarship so you kind of felt like you were members of the Dirty Dozen or the Bad News Bears.

McHale: I was very good at making the defense look good when I was on scout offense. I knew how to crumple really well and get tackled.

McHale: What happened was: You’re running the plays for the other team. If the play is successful, you run it again. The first time we ran it, the ball was thrown my way, I caught it and Dave Hoffmann leveled me. Then you hear, “We’re doing it again.” The wind has been knocked out of me and has not come back yet. We run this play again. I catch the ball — same thing, Dave levels me. So I got the wind knocked out of me twice. And then they wanted to run the play a third time, I don’t know why. I look up and I can’t breathe. I look at Dave and he’s looking at me and says, “You’re okay.” I just basically ran off the field.

I started in January of 1992 and left in August of ’93. There’s a side of me that would have loved to play. The time spent there I felt was very precious and I learned a ton. I was doing school, I was doing football and I was doing theater and those days really taught me about work ethic and what you have to do: You have to work really hard at the thing you love doing to be able to do it.

GI Jeff?!?!

Okay so now I live in a world where this is a real thing….


GI Jeff Community Promo Images

I’m seven shades of confused right now (which I suppose is apropos) as an epic internal geek out battle between my 7 year old self and my 30 something self are trying to determine who is more geeked that the picture above is a real thing.  A real episode of community based on the GI Joe animated cartoon.  I mean how fricken obscure are we trying to make this show that we are basing episodes on a cartoon from nearly 30 years ago?

Not that I’m complaining, I just simply don’t know how to process this.

From EW.com:

“Given that knowing is half the battle, it’s about time you received more intel aboutCommunity‘s animated episode. Airing April 3, “G.I. Jeff” pays tribute to the ’80s animated series G.I. Joe, and you can take your first peek at the Study Group reimagined as figures of action in the photos above and below: There’s Jeff (Joel McHale) as Wingman (yes, he has a backpack with wings), Annie (Alison Brie) as Tight Ship, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) as Buzzkill, and Shirley as Three Kids.”

This is like some random dream mash up that I had but is actually a real thing.  What is left for this show?

Noticeable by his absence in the article of course is everyone’s favorite mental patient to be Abed.  He’s emotionally detached, can’t relate to people…I’m thinking Snake Eyes is the best fit for him!

And yes I know the characters listed aren’t exactly lining up with true Joe/Cobra counterparts but lets do the rest of the main cast.  Maybe Hickey can be Hawk,  Professor Duncan can be Major Bludd or Tomax/Xamot, Chang would be Zartan, Troy (yes Troy why can’t I bring him back for my imaginary episode?)  can be Stalker…(man that wasn’t supposed to be racist I promise, but he’s friends with snake eyes and uh…likes hip hop…or something…)

I’ll be really upset if Dean Pelton doesn’t play half Destro/half Baroness…

But then who plays Cobra Commander you ask?  Who can pull off that impossible combination of power and paranoia, desired but despised, well off but whiny…Pierce Hawthorn ladies and gentlemen…

Kobe…the grandest grand that ever granded…

Oh sure, he’s not playing basketball…

Sure he is facing the reality that his career may in fact already be over and his body is broken down…

And sure the Lakers are facing their worst season since they moved from Minneapolis…

But at least Kobe is making awesome commercials for footlocker!!!

Side note: as a Laker fan I am somewhat relishing the opportunity that I have to get excited about the Draft Lottery in a way I never have before.  Frozen envelope 2.0 baby!

Droppin Google Images – Mitt Romney

Equal time for both parties… fair and balanced.  Take a look at some of the interesting images that came up doing a recent Google Image search for Mitt Romney.  Hey, we had a station wagon kind of like that…









Droppin Google Images – Barack Obama

You know how sometimes you are searching for images on Google and the strangest photos come back?  Sometimes the results are down right laughable or very odd and that is what I’m counting on with this new category for Droppin.  These are real results to a Google image search… isn’t the internet great?  If you have a suggestion for a future Google image search, leave a comment below.

Since we are in election season, I decided to lead off with our President, Mr. Barack Obama.  In an attempt to give equal time to each party, I will follow this up with a Mitt Romney post later.  Enjoy!










Nike – I Would Run To You



Nike, it is stuff like this that makes it so hard to quit you.  As I stated many times before, Nike has me brand whipped.  We are talking Doug Christie type of whipped.  This week they launched the Nike Free campaign and short film, “I Would Run To You”.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a minute to watch it now… go on… I’ll wait.

Awesome… right?!  The main reason I dig this so much is probably because I can relate to it.  My wife is a big-time runner and I’m much like the guy in the video… good intentions to start running long distances but as soon as I do, I remember how ill it makes me.  The tune is also catchy, funny, and let’s face it… romantic.  Probably the most important thing to Nike is that I actually want to buy these shoes for me and my wife after watching this.  Well done Nike but I wouldn’t expect anything else.  Here is some additional info on the campaign from Nikeinc.com:

Love makes people do crazy things–like run across the country. And sing while they’re doing it.

Premiering globally on April 4, the latest Nike Free spot, titled “I Would Run To You,” is a story of how running reunites a long distance couple, thanks to the help of the Nike Free Run+ 3.

“I Would Run to You” features a sometimes comical couple separated by a continent — she lives in California, he lives in New York — who decide to run to see the other. Along the way, cameos appear from model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and skateboarder Theotis Beasley.

The short film was inspired by the idea that a strong runner can sing while running. The spot kicks off a social media campaign that will challenge runners to test their strength by singing to a special “Nike Free Running Karaoke” mix that debuts next week. It features the original song “I Would Run to You,” which can be downloaded by using the Shazam app on the film.

The Nike Free Run+3 is part of a collection of Nike Free shoes hitting stores this week and includes Running, Women’s Training and Athletic Training footwear. Nike Free technology emulates natural motion by allowing the shoe to move with the body. Training in Nike Free footwear can help improve foot strength and flexibility, and balance.

“I Would Run to You” Lyrics:

Woman: You’re so far away.
Man: You’re so far away.
W: Ain’t got too much pride.
M: Want you back by my side.
W: Well baby I want that too.
M: And baby I would run, run to you.

W: I would run to you.
M: I would run to you.

W: The first time you talked to me.
M: I knew we were meant to be.
W: And when we finally embraced.
M: Baby, I can’t keep this pace.
W: I love you. There I said it.
M: I think I’m gonna need a medic.
W: You filled the hall with flower petals.
M: Why does my mouth taste like metal?
W: Baby I might die without you.
M: Baby, I might die.

W: I would run to you.
M: I’m not as strong as you.
W: I would run to you.
M: I (unintelligible heavy breathing) to you.

W: Love is a speeding comet.
M: I’m in a pool of my own vomit.
W: Love is a perfect vision.
M: This was such a bad decision.
W: Love makes everything serene.
M: Give me all of your morphine.

M: (Spoken)
Baby, I know we said we’d run across the country to be together, but I thought we were being symbolic. Why can’t we fly, and meet somewhere in the middle? Like Kansas City? It’s the Paris of the Plains…

W: Baby I love you so much that I would run to you.
M: You would run to me? You would run to me!
W: Baby I love you so much that I would run to you.

Together: I (you) would run to you (me).


Droppin Old School

A little nostalgia from the good ol’ days



UNLV_LJ Augmon

KarateKid_Crane kick

Ozzie Smith_flip

TomChambers_knee dunk


Showtime’s Favorite Things

I’m bringing back the “Favorites” page by showing what my influences were as a child, when Droppin.com first dropped, and my current sources of enjoyment.  These lists are no means exhaustive but they are mainly highlights that have good memories associated with them.  Seven, I expect to see your matrix soon.

  All-time 2011 2009 2006 2003 Childhood
Raiders Tim Brown Sebastian Janikowski Zach Miller Nnamdi Asomugha Rich Gannon & Tyrone Wheatley Marcus Allen, Howie Long, & Bo Jackson
TarHeels Tyler Hansbrough Kendall Marshall Wayne, Ty, Psycho T, Danny David Noel Felton, May, McCants Jordan & Tyler Hansbrough
Baseball Don Mattingly Derek Jeter Mark Teixeira Derek Jeter Andy Pettitte Dale Murphy
NBA Dominique Wilkins Dwayne Wade Dwight Howard Steve Nash Allen Iverson Dominique Wilkins
Video Game Madden Madden 2012 Madden 2010 Wii Sports Madden 2004 Baseball All-stars (Nintendo 8 bit)
TV Arrested Development New Girl Flight of the Conchords Arrested Development Seinfeld Dukes of Hazard
Music Michael Jackson & New Edition Michael Haggins – Daybreak (Abed hum remix) Alicia Keys Justin Timberlake Outkast Tribe Called Quest & Big Daddy Kane
Ad Campaign Nike “Just Do It” Gatorade “Win From Within” E-Trade babies Mac vs. PC Southwest “It must be football season.” Nike “Just Do It”
Movie Star Wars I don’t really watch movies Ice Age Cars Finding Nemo Star Wars
Kicks Jordan VI Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low Nike Zoom Kobe Nike Total Package (Low & High) Air Jordan XVIII Low OG (Baby Blue) Jordan VI
Motto “…stop, collaborate and listen.” “Be creators of circumstance, not creatures of circumstance” “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” -Einstein “Fail to plan… plan to fail” “Feedback is a gift, you can always return it.” “Eat your vegetables first”
Wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Only liked wrestling as a kid.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & British Bulldogs

The Macho Man Randy Savage


So most everyone has already heard the news that Randy Poffo aka Randy Savage has passed away but I was not prepared for the national attention the story is receiving (even being reported on ESPN for example).  As a long time wrestling fan I’ve become desensitized to the all too familiar, all too soon deaths of some of my childhood superstars (JYD, Davey Boy, Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, Bossman, Elizabeth, Earthquake, Bam Bam Bigelow, Hercules, Andre, Owen Hart, Hawk, the list goes on and on and on…) and always expect the worst of the worst. So when I heard that Randy had passed I callously have to say that I wasn’t shocked, stunned and saddened yes but not shocked. Thankfully it appears that there were no alcohol or drugs involved in the heart attack/car accident that lead to the demise of one of the greatest wrestlers/entertainers we have ever seen.

I became a fan of pro wrestling sometime around 1986, my memory is a bit hazy on the details but it was after WrestleMania 2 and before III. Savage was the IC champ at the time and was definitely a heel. Yet somehow, in an era where little kids didn’t cheer the heels, I found myself drawn to the Macho Man. Then Wrestlemania III rolled around and even at a young age I knew that I had just seen the greatest match ever when Savage and Steamboat tore down the Silverdome. I remember being a little upset that the Macho Man lost the title. So it was with gladness that I watched his face turn over the next year, the uniting of the mega powers and eventual ascension to world title status in an era when that was a big deal.

My fandom for wrestling has come and gone over the years but Macho Man has always been my favorite. Others will do a better job chronicling his career in ways that I can’t.  I will always be a little saddened that Macho couldn’t come back to soak in one last round of glory and give us a few more ooooooohhhh yeaah’s for old times sakes.

Macho gave us some of the greatest in ring work ever and was involved in some of the greatest angles. But in memory of the man, the myth, the legend, I’d like to take a look back at some of the greatest promo work the world has ever seen. His chemistry with Mean Gene was just off the charts back in the 80’s & 90’s. Sure these promos may seem hilarious and slightly insane now but you have to realize that Macho was a man of his own and we will never see anything like him ever again. Riding on the edge of a lightning bolt indeed.