State of the Raider Nation Week 9: RAIDERS vs. Seahawks

What looked like another blow out at the end of the first half ended up to be much closer by the end of the game.  The Raiders only put up 3 points in the first half but then added 21 in the second.  The Raiders gave the Seahawks a scare but couldn’t get it done as Seattle held on to win 24-30.  With all the drama going on in Seattle, with the pressure of being defending champs, and not playing their best, I thought there was a chance the Raiders could pull this one out but it didn’t work out this time around.
What did we learn?
Sebastian Janikowski
We scored on our opening drive… converting a couple of third downs.  Only a FG though but it always helps to score quickly.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_air Carr
Carr had two INTs today… Richard Sherman got one but I’m not even mad at Carr for that.  I love that he isn’t afraid to test the top corners.  Hard to say for sure if that one was his fault or the receiver not knowing the play call.  Keep wagging that tongue Air Carr!
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_mychal rivera TD over richard sherman
Mychal Rivera has made some big catches today and a couple of TDs in goal-line plays.  A TE can be a young QBs best friend.

NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_dj haden INT

DJ Haden looked rusty in his first game back… made a stupid mental error taunting after a tackle which ended up giving the Hawks a first down and they went on to score… bad PI play after he got beat early in the game… dropped an INT.  However, he did get an INT and showed up on other plays to provide some encouragement that he could be key in the future.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_carr ghost whistle
An odd moment in the game where Carr thought he heard a whistle so he immediately throws the ball to the ground… problem is nobody else heard the “ghost whistle”.  He could have been called for intentional grounding but the refs bailed him out and said there was a receiver in the area.  I would bet Carr heard a whistle… just not sure where it came from though.  Loss of down hurt us there though.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_blocked punt Denico Autry
Special teams stood tall with a blocked punt and recover for a TD.  You need those types of plays to win games.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_brice butler TD recovery
Brice Butler recovers the punt block in the end zone.

NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_Bruce Irvin pick 6

An INT returned for a TD… the Legion of Boom showed up.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_lyncg beastmode
Marshawn went Beastmode on this play as he would not be stopped from getting into the endzone.  I was surprised that the refs didn’t blow the whistle on his forward progression being stopped.  Man that would be fun to see him in Silver & Black next year.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_wilson sack
The defense played well for the majority of the game today.  Good to see them still fighting and not rolling over.  When the offense becomes more consistent, the D will get more rest and raise their consistency as well.  Today they put a lot of pressure on Wilson and caused incomplete passes… getting off the field on 3 and outs… and then red zone D bent but didn’t break… especially in the second half.  Kalil Mack seemed to be ball-hawking causing pressure and getting tackles behind the line of scrimmage… fun to watch him develop… so close to making some huge plays.
That fumble by Carrie on the return hurt.  I still believe in his talent though… growing pains.
NFL: Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks
McFadden still appears to be playing hard but doesn’t have a lot of stats to show for it.  However, he was a factor in the receiving game with a nice screen.
Oakland Raiders v Seattle Seahawks
I was right… the officials were watching the game with Seahawk glasses on.  I don’t always buy into the “league against us” conspiracy but today it seemed to be that way at times.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_king
Just wanted a shot of my son’s favorite player, King.  Nice photobomb by Lynch in the back graphic.
NFL_week 9_Raiders 24 Seahawks 30_onside fail 2
This onside kick was nearly recovered.  We had a man two feet away from the ball on the ground but they beat us to it.
Next week: The Donkeys are coming into town and after coming off the beat-down from the Patriots, my guess is that we will see a ticked off Peyton Manning who will be ultra focused and execute at a high level.  Here is to hoping I’m wrong.

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