“Intro to Film”

Episode three finds Jeff working on one of his eventual favorite pastimes, to find the ultimate blow off class to fill out his schedule.  Just why he is doing that this far into the semester is a bit of a mystery but lets not drag things down with logic here.  He settles on a class that appears to be about living in the moment taught by John Michael Higgins in an awesome guest spot that straddles the line between homage/parody of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.  Blow off class locked in end of episode you ask?  Well no.  Jeff of course finds it hard to fake seizing the day and hilarity ensues as he has to “work” at his blow off class because Professor Whitman doesn’t buy his day seizing.  At the end Jeff finally gets to seize his day and kiss Britta but she only did it as a favor to help him pass his class unbeknownst to him at the time.

Meanwhile Troy sneezes like a girl in a story that doesn’t really go anywhere but gives us a classic Troy line and serves to build Troy and Pierce’s relationship.  We also meet Abed’s dad and Britta decides to “Britta” Abed’s relationship with his dad by paying for him to take a film class against his father’s wishes.  Britta and Jeff somehow become Abed’s parents by default by apparently invoking the little known Arabic custom that if you pay for someone’s film class their parents can choose to pass along parental rights to you by default.  Abed immediately needs to film a movie because its freakin film class.  This goes as well as you would expect with Abed causing havoc for everyone as he films his movie.  Jeff breaks out the Jeff Winger speech tm to get Abed’s dad to listen to them and Abed shows his movie which he has tricked Jeff and Britta into reenacting moments from his life with his parents.  The movie serves as a touching message to his dad that conveys how he feels about his parents breaking up and it being his fault because he is weird and different.  Abed’s dad decides that if this will help him to communicate with others than its okay for Abed to keep studying film and the restraints on meta-Abed are removed for good.  To quote Annie…”Awwwww”

If you can say Community has a formula in season one then that formula is firming up by episode 3.  The formula being: Jeff tries to take the easy way out to get something he wants.  Problems arise.  He Jeff Winger speeches his way out of it to mixed results and everyone finds themselves better off even if everything didn’t go to plan. Oh and miscellaneous characters carry on misadventures and character growth in the background.

This episode ticks all the boxes, its funny, heartwarming and the story is mostly all there to build up our characters and their relationship.  To use a sports analogy, yes it was a hit but its another double instead of a Home Run.  The home runs are coming though and anyone who stayed with Community this long was about to find out just why this show is so great.  I’ll give this one 7 Annie “awwwws” out of 10.

Best Lines:

Shirley: “Isn’t Abed’s dad a hardcore Muslim? They aren’t as understanding as Christians you can get your head cut off with a salami sword.”

Annie: “Shirley that is the most racist thing I have ever heard.”

Jeff: “Pierce will beat that in one minute” (sets watch)

(Troy sneezes)

Jeff: “Hey Troy sneezes like a girl”

Troy: “How about I pound you like a boy, that didn’t come out right.”

Shirley: “Why don’t you all just leave him alone with his cute little baby sneezes.”

Troy: “You’re not my mother.”

Pierce: “She’s not?”

Jeff: (Stops watch) “29 seconds.”


Professor Whitman: “Everyone stand on your desks. Up Up Up! Rise above the programming. All of your lives you have been told not to stand on your desks. Well why not?”

(Desk collapses and a student falls)

Professor Whitman: “Shes okay, go to the nurse…seize the day…”


Professor Whitman: “Well glad to hear it because if you don’t genuinely seize the day before the end of the week you will seize an F for the semester.”



Brita: “Raising him means letting him follow his dreams.”

Abed’s Dad: “Dreams are for sleeping.”

Brita: “You don’t know that.”

Abed’s Dad: “Its clinically proven!”

Brita: “So’s polio.”

Abed’s Dad: “YOU LOST ME!”