SEASON 02: EPISODE 02 – “Spanish 101”

Its time to meet Senor Chang as our group gets their first (that we see) team Spanish assignment which I guess is reason enough to call it Spanish 101. Partners are randomly assigned so of course Jeff trades with Abed (at the cost of his shirt which in a funny sight gag puts Jeff in Abeds smaller shirt) so he can partner with Britta but Britta changed with Pierce who paid her $100 to switch because he wants to be friends with Jeff for some reason.   Britta said it was something about being part of a family after wasting away his life or something.  How Pierce knew anything about Jeff trading with Abed is beyond me.  I’m thinking perhaps Pierce actually wanted to spend time with Abed.  I guess if we are calling that into question we need to know how both Jeff and Pierce knew what other pieces were “randomly” placed under which desk so they knew who to switch with in the first place.  Suspension of disbelief I guess…

Anywho akwardness ensues as Pierce drags out the assignment as an excuse to spend time with Jeff.  Jeff puts up with it for five minutes, gets frustrated and walks out on Pierce because he is still vying for Britta first and foremost.  Pierce returns the favor by ruining Jeff’s romantic protest moment with Brita before being lit on fire and falling into a fountain under the influence of “Hemingway’s lemonade”.

Jeff sucks up his pride (to impress Britta of course, that was the only motivation in these early episodes) and gives us a very brief speech which I guess qualifies as this episodes “Jeff Winger speech” before launching into a montage of crazy costumes and pretend play acting set to Aimee Mann’s haunting “Wise Up” that is Jeff and Pierce’s conversations in Spanish class.

The montage is a masterpiece by the way.  It would be interesting to know if the writers actually had a story in their heads for these scenes that tied it all together or it was just to put together as many random ideas as possible.

Senior Chang is so impressed that he gives them an F and F minus (not sure who got the minus but I’m going with Pierce.  Other than that they live happily ever after and Brita is impressed that Jeff would do such a selfless act for Pierce but no longer sees Jeff as a sexual object after hinting at something extremely offensive that occurred during the presentation.  She of course looks back when walking off and that gives Jeff all the ammo he needs to continue his pursuit for another day.   The end.

In the background Annie and Shirley decide to get political and protest reporters getting killed in Guatemala.  Not a great story but it gives Annie and Shirley a chance to start playing into their characters and Britta gets her first opportunity to “Britta” something throwing a wet blanket on the rally before realizing that she is all talk and no action.

We also get our first glimpses of Troy and Abed teaming up as someone must of suddenly realized how great Donald Glover and Danny Pudi play off of each other.

We wrap things up with the epic Spanish Rap bumper (Have I mentioned I hate people who disable embedding on youtube videos?  You are putting it up on youtube, its a little late to be protective over your content at that point isn’t it?  especially content that doesn’t even belong to you.  I digress.)  as Troy and Abed take a firm grasp of their hold over the majority of the bumper scenes which serve to cement their sometimes creepy relationship.

Good moments but not a complete offering from beginning to end.  I’ll go another 6 Abed TV show references out of 10.

Best Lines:

Jeff: “You know what today is? Its the two week anniversary of my horrible first impression.”

Britta: “Theres a card for that?”

Jeff: “Well not specifically but if you think of Grandsons as a metaphor for friendship I think you’ll agree with this transformer here that its time for ours to become a man, by reading from the Torah.”


Britta: “You’re cute but selfish and narcissistic to the point of near delusion.”

Jeff: “She said I was cute.”


Annie: “We can have a candlelight vigil like lesbians have on the news!”

Shirley: “I can make brownies!”


Chang: “In espanol my nickname is EL TIGRE CHINO because my knowledge will bite her face off. So don’t question Senor Chang, or you’ll get bit, ya bit, YA BIT! Friday manana, we’ll be having conversations with the rest of the class…”


Pierce: “Its called hyperverility, apparently my sperm shoot through the eggs like bullets. Can you believe that?”

Jeff: “I can’t but you do so thats fine.”


Jeff:  “The woman I kinda like is out there in the moonlight caring about something stupid and this is my chance to show her that I care enough to act like I care about it too!”