Blame the excruciating pain I have been in over the last few days but a pic of the “final” Kobe VIII’s hit the interwebs and I totally missed it:




I say “final” because what seems to happen with each new Kobe is that we get a pic of the final shoe in a colorway that is anything but final so who knows what the end result will be for the yellow and black urban camo effect (1988 Storm Shadow aka one of the greatest figures of the GI Joe line would approve no doubt).

Not fully sure on all the tech here but you can assume zoom air (wishful thinking has it as double stacked full length zoom but I don’t buy it) and “engineered mesh” which I’ve heard is a mix between fuse and flyknit engineered for basketball…or something like that.

My take?  Well it looks a lot like the VI’s and I was a fan of that.  I think of this as a revised VI with today’s tech.  And we know they are going to do innovative things with the colors/patterns on the upper.  So at the moment I’m giving it a hesitant thumbs up.

Also, while I don’t know if they are calling this a “system” like the VII’s I do expect different inserts and materials to be used for the rumored four different versions of the shoe.  In addition to what I assume is the base version above there will also be an Elite and Elite + which I would guess would sport some kind of ankle insert and Nike + functionality respectively.  Aside from those three it looks like we are also going to get a “lifestyle” version of the shoe in more traditional, off the court, leather based material.  Take a look at the first pic of those (complete with atrocious colorway) below.




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