Or More Black Mamba if you will.

A few new colorways of the Kobe VII have been unvieled, a couple of which have a unique twist that I wanted to share.

First up, the animal themes continue but this time instead of a venomous snake the Kobe VII takes the theme from another dangerous reptile, the poison dart frog:

The shoe features a black/mint candy colorway that mimics the “aposematic” pattern the deadly frog uses to warn off predators.  These are scheduled for an Easter weekend release I believe and further info leads us to believe that both a Royal Purple and Blue/Red colorways will also be releasing with this pattern down the road.

Second, we have the “Invisibility Cloak”:

This colorway features an “iridescent” effect which changes the color from purple to turquoise depending on the light.  My brother in law had an old 90’s Firebird with the same paint job.  These bad boys actually came out on February 18th in limited release so you if want a pair, overpaying is probably the only way to go at this point.

I for one love the creativity nike is droppin on the Kobe VII with the innovative patterns and textures being used on the upper.  Unfortunately that makes regular releases like the new Kobe VII Laker Home seem a bit bland by comparison but its certain made for some epic releases thus far.

Thanks goes out to for the pics and info.

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