For the last 20 years we have heard rumblings about the 1985 NBA draft being rigged in order to allow the New York Knicks to get the first pick and with it Patrick Ewing.  Speculation has been tossed around about the method possibly used with the “frozen envelope” method being the most popular.  Its always been kind of an inside joke where everyone said Stern rigged the lottery for NY but I don’t think anyone ever really believe it…until now.  Thanks to the power of Youtube some brave soul has found and posted an unedited version of the 1985 draft lottery.  In it you can clearly see that the guy who places the envelops in the giant spinning glass basketball hopper places each envelope gently in, except for one in the middle which he inexplicably slams hard against the side of the hopper creating a huge crease/dent in the corner of the envelop.  Then when Stern pulls out the envelope for the first pick he grabs three and then looks down into the hopper at the envelopes before selecting the one that would have the first pick.  For every other envelope he doesn’t look down, he doesn’t even look at the envelope after picking it.  Could this conspiracy of all conspiracies actually be true?  Take a look at the video evidence and decide for yourself…

YouTube – NBA on CBS 1985 NBA Draft Lottery – COMPLETE VERSION

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